The mission of the Youth Department is to empower our youth, young adults and young professionals by connecting them with Allah, our prophet (SAW), sustainable examples of goodness and cultivating a strong sense of belonging, Muslim-Identity and service to the community by providing initiatives that cultivates a holistic manifestation of Islam.


Meet Our Staff

Muhammad Oda +1 (703) 531-2908

Muhammad Oda is a writer, poet, lyricist, and entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and former CNO of Muzbnb, community organizer and former Program Director of Center DC. Muhammad has developed curriculum ranging from youth leadership to performance techniques to Islamic Education for various communities and organizations in San Diego and the DMV. In his spare time, Muhammad enjoys hanging out with family friends, hitting up various coffee shops, learning from scholars and students of Deen and discovering new things. He looks forward to learning, growing and building with Dar Al-Hijrah!

Rising Souls

“Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything”

Rising Souls is a mentorship program for youths ages 10 to 13 taking place every Friday at 8PM-10PM in the Youth Lounge. Students are placed in groups with two mentors per group. The semester consists of weekly lessons, mentor time, outings, mandatory service projects, and a graduation ceremony. The goal of this program is to create an open Islamic environment for kids to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and intellectually. Through this program, the children will establish ways to become active members of our community through lectures, classes, activities, workshops, and community service.

Registration: on the Rising Souls page


Our Main Prospective to this program


Our mission is to help nurture mentors and mentees a lifelong relationship and to develop an understanding of Islam incorporated with general and cultural manners and behaviors to the younger youth and our future generation.

It is Our Goal to Provide:

  1. A diverse array of programs that will appeal to the youth of Dar Al-Hijrah and beyond
  2. Programs in an Islamic environment that enriches their spiritual, social, and intellectual growth
  3. Opportunities for youth to be empowered in the planning, implementation, and participation of activities
  4. Opportunities for families to play a greater role in their youth’s growth and development

Some of Our Programs

  1. The first 15 minutes: Attendance and Check-in. Mentors and mentees are responsible for checking in with logistics coordinators.
  2. 8:15 mentees should be in line with their mentors. Once they are, they will start the chants for team building and focus
  3. After the chants, the mentees will be given an activity to do and a 5-minute lecture.
  4. Mentor time starts after the lesson has been taught
  5. Mentors are given questions to start the conversation with their mentees. After they have discussed, mentees may play with their mentors and others.
  6. In the last 5 minutes, everybody will form a circle for the closing duaa.

Tuition Fees

$125 Current Student $150 New Student

Spiritual Warriors

Mentorship Program

Register Here

Our Mission

Imagine a world where young spirits rise above challenges, embracing their faith with resilience and empathy. “Spiritual Warriors” is not just a program – it’s a transformative journey where youth aged 14-17 embark on a path of self-discovery, growth, and connection.

Our vision is to create a safe haven where young Muslims can unpack life’s complexities, cultivate a strong sense of identity, and emerge as empowered individuals ready to face the world with confidence and compassion.

Program Overview

With Spiritual Warriors, we aim to take our youth from a place of curiosity to a position of purpose and focus. At the core of this program lies our illustrious tradition, setting the stage for nurturing well-rounded leaders who act through the lens of Islam, utilizing the tools of conventional wisdom in all aspects of their lives.

Alhamdulillah, we have assembled an amazing lineup of mentors who are accomplished in their respective fields, ready to guide our youth both spiritually and professionally. We pray that Allah blesses our efforts and guides us in this noble endeavor.


  • Interactive and engaging lectures
  • Community service projects
  • Team-building activities
  • Mentor-led discussions
  • Reflective communal closing duaa

Program Details

Age Group: 14-17 years

Duration: Jan 26 – May 24, 2024

Cost: $150

Schedule: Weekly on Fridays from 8-10pm

Registration: on the Spiritual Warriors page

DAH Sports

Youth Program

We offer a series of sports activities under the banner of DAH Sports. Currently we offer Basketball (On Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Dar Al-Hijrah) and Soccer on Saturdays (At Justice High School). We are currently working on a Tennis program as well as a Volleyball program. Our Basketball program on Tuesdays is for ages 14 on up and our Basketball program on Wednesdays is for ages 7-13. On Saturdays we offer our Soccer program for ages 7 on up. 

Fast and Learn

Youth Program

Welcome to Fast & Learn!

Fast & Learn is a weekly program to connect the youth to the masjid, and give them a space where they can freely discuss things on their mind. The program combines spiritual connection through fasting, bonding with fellow youth by breaking their fast together, and inspiring the youth to speak their mind freely while pursuing knowledge and a fundamental understanding of their faith. This provides an opportunity for them to learn their faith, connect with one another, make long-term friendships and bonds, and grow to become pillars, consistent members, and potential leaders of the future in the community.

Mission: Objective:
To bring youth closer to the masjid, give them a space to express their thoughts freely, and learn essentials of their deen Establish space for open-minded discussions on various topics, and open space for youth to learn their deen at their own pace

Daily Agenda:

  • 🌙 Fast
  • 🍽️ Break your fast
  • 📚 Learn
  • 💬 Discuss
  • 🤝 Meet new people!

Location: Basement/Youth Lounge