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Welcome to Fast & Learn!

Fast & Learn is a weekly program to connect the youth to the masjid, and give them a space where they can freely discuss things on their mind. The program combines spiritual connection through fasting, bonding with fellow youth by breaking their fast together, and inspiring the youth to speak their mind freely while pursuing knowledge and a fundamental understanding of their faith. This provides an opportunity for them to learn their faith, connect with one another, make long-term friendships and bonds, and grow to become pillars, consistent members, and potential leaders of the future in the community.

Mission: Objective:
To bring youth closer to the masjid, give them a space to express their thoughts freely, and learn essentials of their deen Establish space for open-minded discussions on various topics, and open space for youth to learn their deen at their own pace

Daily Agenda:

  • 🌙 Fast
  • 🍽️ Break your fast
  • 📚 Learn
  • 💬 Discuss
  • 🤝 Meet new people!

Location: Basement/Youth Lounge

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