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The work of outreach and gov’t affairs is to provide leadership, to advance the integration of faith, justice and life in our Mosque and in the larger community. One of the ways we seek to actualize this integrating vision and mission is through events such as Solidarity Cup of Teas with our neighbors and Interfaith Partners, Welcoming guests and Interfaith Communities for Dialogue during Ramadan at our Interfaith Iftars, and our annual open house, Taste of Islam; being mentors in Justice for Juniors, working with VOICE leaders on affordable housing and immigration reform; we come together to stand up for social justice with our Interfaith partners on pressing contemporary religious and cultural issues and we consider all the dimensions of our responses, as individuals, as Muslims, as a Nation, and as a human family.

What is the relationship between Islam, citizenship and religious liberty? How are current streams with in our contemporary American political discourse sometimes inform more about Islamophobia than the founding principles of this country? Is Islam compatible with the free exercise of religion? As our outreach team forge ahead on these challenges, we are very privileged to engage other community leaders.

Etiquette of visiting a Mosque (Masjid)

Greetings full of Peace to our prospective guests,

We welcome and thank you for your interest in visiting the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center. Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center is located at 3159 Row St in Falls Church, Virginia 22044. The length of tour and discussion should not exceed 1 1/2 hours. Regular tours are available on Sundays beginning 30 minutes before the noon (Dhuhr or Zhur – iqama) prayer. Special tours may be arranged on other times excluding Mondays and Fridays.

The visit to the Masjid will include:
  1. A tour of the masjid is discussing the architecture and role of the masjid in traditional and contemporary community life.
  2. An orientation to the basic beliefs of Islam and the demographics of the Muslim peoples in America.
  3. Some basic Arabic/Islamic vocabulary will be introduced to enhance the educational and cultural experience.
  4. The group may observe on of the five daily prayers in the prayer hall or musallah.
  5. The visitors will take part in an open discussion and question and answer period with the tour leader.
  6. A variety of pamphlets and brochures on a host of topics will be made available to the group to take home.
  7. Often lunch can be arranged for the group.
What is a Masjid or Mosque?

The masjid is; a place of prayer, a community center, a library, and an educational center, a social and dinning hall lays within it, in some places a recreation center, it is a place of law and religion, counsel and devotion. Yet, above all it is a special and sacred space for Muslims.

The best way to make a good relationship with a person is to express your understanding of their practices. There are some aspects of Islamic etiquette and cultural practice that one needs to be aware of.

We ask that the guests in their own way to be sensitive to the etiquette of the masjid environment.

Anatomy of the masjid

Remember when one enters the prayer hall or Musallah [place of prostration] for hygienic you will have to take off your shoes before walking on the carpets.Thank you for your interest in visiting the masjid and whatever we can do to make your trip the most informative and enjoyable experience, do not hesitate to ask.

What to wear?

Men/women should wear loose fitting clothing – covering the body except hands, face and feet. Women cover their crowning beauty, the hair. Women could wear a hat or scarf that covers the hair.

Visiting the Jumah Prayers

The “Jumah” or Friday congregational worship service is open to the public. During the Jumah prayer the masjid hosts over 3,000 men and women from our region. There is a sermon followed by the prayer. The entire services takes about 30 minutes.

The prayer times are as follows

  • First Service 11:00-11:45 (First half Arabic/
    Second Half English)
  • Second Service 12:15-12:45
  • Third Service 1:30-2:00

The jumah prayer is an uninterrupted sermon of two parts with the Imam taking a short break and continuing the second sermon and ending with supplications often in english and arabic and concluded with two units (rakah) of salah (prayer).

There is no public collection. Often people will make a free will offering. On occasion there maybe a public appeal for funds to support the mosque, school, social services or relief work. You are under no obligation to give. All donations are tax deductible.

Please arrive 10 minutes early. If you are driving, parking is congested so allow enough time to park and walk to The Center from the remote parking lots. Car pooling is recommended. There is parking on the grounds of the masjid and additional parking across the street provide by agreement with The Church of Christ as well as First Christian Church.

If you are a visitor please come to the main office and introduce yourself. We will try to find you a host or a hostess to guide you through your visit and explain the worship service or you can just go it alone and enjoy the sermon.

If you would like to arrange a group visit please submit a Masjid Visit Request Form.

Thank you for your interest in coming to our Center.

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