Refugee Services

Alhamdulillah, Dar Al-Hijrah (DAH), which literally means “House of migration”, has been approved by the Department of State’s (DOS) Bureau of Population, Refugees & Migration (PRM) to become an additional affiliate resettlement agency, and the only Muslim agency in Northern Virginia. The Dar Al-Hijrah Refugee Services office will partner with Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to provide Reception and Placement (R&P) services to refugees selected for resettlement through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. 

How is this different?

DAH Has Always Served Immigrants And Refugees.

Dar Al-Hijrah has been approved as an affiliate refugee resettlement office, working with Islamic Relief USA and IRC to provide Reception & Placement Services for refugees selected for resettlement through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. DAH has always served newcomers, but this will formalize the services we can provide as an actual resettlement agency, and as the only Muslim agency in Northern VA, which is welcome because many refugees in recent years have come from Muslim countries.

Why DAH?

In 2022, we were partners with Islamic Relief and Church World Service in the Afghan Placement and Assistance or APA resettlement. Nearly 50 cases were directly assured to us for resettlement, and because of that work, Alhamdulillah, we were invited to join with IR again and this time, with IRC to be an affiliate agency in Virginia. After a lengthy exploration and application process with our board, executive leadership, partners and local stakeholders, we were approved by the Department of State to begin resettlement in August, 2023.

What are the required services?

Required resettlement services include meeting new arrivals at the airport, securing and furnishing an apartment with needed items, helping them apply for benefits, securing a medical screening for them, helping them connect with ESL classes and workforce support, and providing cultural orientation, just to name a few.

How can you help?

Resettlement is a community effort, a community welcoming newcomers. This is work we’ll all do, together.  How can you help? 

DAH Refugee Services Housing

DAH Refugee Services secures housing and sets up the home for refugees prior to their arrival.  Finding appropriate, affordable housing can be challenging.  If you are a landlord or building manager or if you know of properties that would rent to resettled families, please use this link to complete a short form, and you will be contacted by a housing coordinator.

DAH Wishlist

We need the household items to set up those homes, things you can purchase from our Amazon wish list.

DAH Gift Cards Wishlist

We need gift cards because gift cards give the most flexibility to families to purchase the personal items and incidentals they need while they are getting established.

We need volunteers...

Volunteer drivers to help pick up new arrivals at the airport, or to take them to medical appointments or to deliver meals or to move furniture and set up new homes.

Will this work take the place of our Social Services Office?

Our Refugee Services work will not replace our ongoing Social Services work or our mission to provide services of faith and care to the community.  We’ll still have food distributions, community health outreach, empowerment pathways and Ramadan programs as we always have. Register to receive our weekly email newsletter or follow us on social media to plug in to our programs and events each week.

Donate to support our
refugee resettlement work!


Provides a culturally-appropriate meal to a newly arrived family


Provides a bunk bed for refugee children


Provides kitchen items for a new home set-up


Provides clothing for a newly arrived family of 5


Provides a month of rent for a newly arrived family


Sponsors a newly arrived family for a month