Our Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) Program offers a bridge out of survival jobs and into professional positions with opportunity for advancement.

Purpose of P2E

Transitioning to professional positions in the U.S. can be difficult.

Often, your education and experience abroad doesn’t transfer easily, and you have to start over.

The cost of living is high, and as a result, many get stuck working long hours in low-paying survival jobs.

Empowerment through Personalized
Action Plans

Applicants will agree to a one-year action plan written just for them, that includes an up skill training course in high job-demand fields, an intensive workforce mentoring program, personal finance classes, and more.

P2E Students

Earn Cash Stipends for Living Expenses

Group 7

Help connecting to training programs in high job-demand fields

Group 7 (1)

Intensive workforce mentoring

Group 7 (2)

Professional networking

Group 7 (3)

Personal finance classes

Group 7 (4)

Wrap-around services

Group 7 (5)

Paid stipends

Enrollment is rolling throughout the year

If you are interested, please complete the short form below and you will be contacted within three business days to schedule an interview/information session.

*Note: P2E is NOT a tuition assistance program. It is a one-year, intensive, comprehensive upskilling program. If you are seeking cash assistance only, please do not apply.

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