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Monthly Urgent Appeal Fund

Help a Community Member in Need.

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  • Amount $5,465.00
  • Target $8,800.00
  • Backer 25

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May Allah bless you for your generosity, It truly makes a difference!
“The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed (of grain) which grows seen spikes: in each spike is a hundred grains.  And Allah multiplies (His reward) for whom He wills.  And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing” (al-Baqara 2:261)

The most recent Fairfax County Demographics Report, published just this month, estimates that an income of $63,969 is needed to rent the average market rate one-bedroom apartment.

That’s $31 an hour

The minimum wage in Virginia is $7.50 an hour.

Each month, we receive so many heartbreaking requests from hard-working brothers and sisters who struggle to make ends meet. Our emergency assistance is a last resort for those facing eviction. Can you please help keep these families in their home?

This month we have 15 emergency requests for rental assistance totaling $8,800.

  1. This good sister is a single mother to four little ones. Although working part-time all along, she has struggled financially to make ends meet, and only recently was able to secure full-time employment.  She also earns a little extra to stretch her household budget by cooking, and even while working and raising her children alone, she has been a dedicated volunteer at Dar Al-Hijrah, helping others who are in need.  She is requesting help with her rent while her situation stabilizes now that she has full-time work.

Amount Requested: $700

  1. This sister is a single mom, and has a full-time job, but after a serious injury that required surgery, she was unable to work, and lost two months of income. She has relied on her savings, but it has been depleted and she now faces a second surgery. She is requesting assistance with her rent while she is recovering and unable to work.

Amount Requested: $500

  1. This hard-working brother is supporting his family here, and has recently had to send money to family members in crisis in his home country as well. He is a first-time applicant, and is requesting assistance with rent to help manage this emergency expense.

Amount Requested: $500

  1. This dear sister is a single mother who had been struggling to make ends meet. She recently took on a second job that required transportation, and the additional expense of car insurance and gas has stretched the family budget thin while waiting for the second paycheck to start.  She is requesting assistance with rent during this transition.

Amount Requested: $500

  1. This skilled, hard-working brother only recently received his work permit. Although trained as a CPA in the U.S. He has been unable to find work in his field, so he has been supporting his family of nine as a driver. His car recently required an expensive repair, which created a loss of income. He is requesting help covering rent this month because of the work interruption.

Amount Requested: $600

  1. This good sister is a refugee who arrived only a few months ago, and she is alone in the U.S. She is skilled and eager to work, but is requesting rental assistance during this time while she searches for work and gets established.

Amount Requested: $400

  1. This brother is married and has two young children. The family is seeking asylum, and has experienced great difficulty in recent months. He and his wife are both working now, but his job is new, and he will not receive his check in time to pay his rent.  He is requesting assistance with his rent to avoid eviction.

Amount Requested: $500

8. This elderly mother has been supported by her grown children, but her son recently lost his job, and has struggled to support his mother. She is requesting rent assistance to ease the stress on her son while he finds another job.

Amount Requested: $300

  1. This dear brother has been active in work and community, but he recently suffered a stroke, leaving him disabled and out of work for some time. Now, after extending his hand to help so many, he is in need.  He is requesting a small amount to assist with his rent and utilities.

Amount Requested: $100

  1. This grieving mother of four lost her eldest son unexpectedly. He had been the sole provider of the family. She is seeking a job now, and requesting assistance with rent while she works to rearrange her family’s financial situation.

Amount Requested: $500

  1. This poor brother has many health difficulties, and as a result has had to stop working temporarily. Like so many, he has delayed seeking medical care and has refused to fill prescriptions because he does not have health insurance.  We have been able to procure necessary medication for him and connect him with a medical provider who treats the uninsured, but he is requesting assistance with his rent until he is recovered and able to return to work.

Amount Requested: $700

12. This single mother lost her job recently, and has been unable to collect her final wages from the employer. She is seeking a new job, and she has a roommate to share costs, but is requesting assistance with rent this month until her situation stabilizes.

Amount Requested: $500

13. This elderly mother and her husband are struggling to help support their children who are having many difficulties, but their fixed income, which consists only of public assistance is stretched, and they are requesting assistance with the rent until the situation stabilizes.

Amount Requested: $1000

14. This good sister is able-bodied and hard-working, and has supported her family for her entire life, but her daughter’s heartbreaking, recent medical emergency required her to stop working temporarily to provide care for her little one. She is requesting rental assistance because of her lost income this month.

Amount Requested: $1000

15. Among other hardships, this elderly sister lost her husband to violence and was forced to flee her home country. She is now living in the U.S. and receiving only a small SSI benefit.  She no longer has anyone to care for her here, and her severe disability makes it difficult for her to manage alone.  She is asking for help in finding a safe and permanent assisted living space where she has the support she needs. Like all of these good brothers and sisters, she is so very grateful for any assistance during this challenging time in her life.

Amount Requested: $1000