UA Sep 2019

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Donation Total: $50.00 for four

“When I first arrived in the U.S., I had nothing, and knew no one. Dar Al-Hijrah fed me. They helped me. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful to this community.” -Br. Mohammed 

Brothers and Sisters, YOU fed him.  YOU helped him. He is so grateful to YOU.

You are this community, and your generosity and kindness make a difference in people’s lives.

Your generosity makes a difference.

    1. This brother is a good worker who has always supported his family, but he recently became seriously ill, and lost his job as a result. He has found a new job, but he is in need of rental assistance until his new income begins.

    Amount requested: $700

    1. This elderly sister and brother are both disabled and unable to work. They live modestly on their food stamps and SSI benefit alone. Recently, their benefit was stopped with no warning or explanation.  We have helped them resolve the issue, and their benefit will begin again soon, but they are in need of a small amount of assistance to avoid eviction this month.

    Amount requested: $200

    1. This good sister is a single mother to two little ones, one who has a severe disability. She is working and studying, but has lost the small financial assistance she received from her family overseas.  She is a first-time applicant asking for a small amount of assistance until she is back on her feet.

    Amount requested: $500

    1. This mother and father have been have been unable to work while awaiting asylum. They have been living from their savings, but an unexpected medical expense for their little girl has caused them to fall short this month.  They are first-time applicants requesting assistance with this month’s rent.

    Amount requested: $600

    1. This brother lost his job, and is not yet eligible for government assistance. He is actively seeking work, but will not receive a paycheck in time to pay this month’s rent.  He is seeking assistance to help him through this difficult time.

    Amount requested: $400

    1. This disabled sister works for a large local public school system, but is not paid during the summer, and has not been able to find a second job. She is requesting rental assistance until her school pay begins again this month.

    Amount requested: $500

    1. This refugee family has experienced very difficult circumstances, and they are in great need. For over one year, they lived in a shelter, but Alhamdulillah, today, the parents are working in new jobs.  However, back-to- school expenses for their five kids have caused them to fall behind, and they are requesting one-time rental assistance until their situation stabilizes.

    Amount requested: $700

    1. This single mother works in a school during the school year, but relies only on child support during the summer months. She has fallen behind on her rent, and is facing eviction. She is requesting assistance to avoid going to the shelter until her school income restarts.

    Amount requested: $300

    1. This beloved and hard-working sister has helped many in the community. She recently and unexpectedly had to travel overseas, and was not compensated for her time off by her employer. She does not have another source of income, and so she is requesting one-time assistance so she doesn’t fall behind on her rent.

    Amount requested: $800

    1. This brother supported his young family by driving until a recent accident caused extensive damage to his car, his only source of income. He has adjusted his expenses, but he is in need of a small amount of rental assistance until his situation stabilizes.

    Amount requested: $300

    1. This elderly brother has always supported himself with a small food stamp benefit and part-time job, but he was recently prescribed expensive medication, and ordered by his doctor to stop working for health reasons. He is seeking a small amount of assistance until he can get back on his feet.

    Amount requested: $200

    1. This brother has been unable to work after a recent and unexpected, emergency surgery, and he is seeking assistance with his rent until he is recovered.

    Amount requested: $500