UA Nov 2019

$820 of $5,800 raised
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Donation Total: $50.00 for four

Brothers and Sisters, you have helped 124 families in their moment of need this year. Your generosity and kindness make a difference in people’s lives.  

During this month of gratitude and thanksgiving, we thank YOU, for giving… for giving a family a place to live, for giving a father peace of mind, for giving a mother a hand-up.

Thanks for Giving.

  1. After the unexpected death of a young family member, this couple relocated to the area. They have no other family and they are struggling to establish their new lives here.  They are first-time applicants in need of a small amount of assistance until they can get settled.

Amount requested: $500

2. We are coordinating with other organizations to assist this single mother, who is awaiting asylum, and struggling to make ends meet. This month, she and her little ones are in need of a small amount of assistance to cover her increased rent.

Amount requested: $500

3. After being forced from her apartment with her children, because the building was being sold, this mother has scrambled to find a new place.  She is in need of a small amount of assistance to help cover the first month’s rent required to secure the new apartment.

Amount requested: $200

4. An unexpected surgery caused this father to have to stop working, and the family to fall behind. He is in need of assistance until he can return to work.

Amount requested: $600

5. This sister has fallen behind on her rent after losing her job, and she is in need of assistance keeping her apartment while she looks for another job.

Amount requested: $150

6. A rare cancer has had this hard-working father hospitalized unexpectedly for weeks. The family has lived only on savings, which is running out, and they are now being forced out of their apartment and into a smaller, more affordable basement rental.  They are in need of rental assistance to get settled in the new space.

Amount requested: $700

7. This elderly brother has had many serious health issues, and survives with only a small food stamp benefit and income from a renter. He has applied for disability benefits, but is in need of assistance until they are processed.

Amount requested: $600

8. Her high insulin costs have caused this working, single mother to struggle to cover expenses.  Her income from cooking and cleaning is not steady, and she is need of help covering her rental shortage this month.

Amount requested: $150

9. This single mom supports her little ones, by cooking for other families.  When three of the families moved away, her income was interrupted, and she is asking for a small amount of assistance until that income can be replaced.

Amount requested: $150

10. This poor widow was only visiting her daughter and grandchildren in the U.S. when she became ill, and was taken to the emergency room, only to discover that has advanced cancer, and is in need of critical treatment. The family is struggling to pay her uninsured medical expenses, and is asking for assistance. 

Amount requested: $500