UA July 2019

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Alhamdulillah, with your help, we are able to provide emergency assistance to these good brothers and sisters in their moment of need, but we also work to create a bridge to self-sufficiency so their need will be only temporary.

Our sewing class is one of the most successful parts of our self-sufficiency program for sisters. We now have nearly 150 sisters who have graduated from this class. 

Our hope is to expand our sewing program by creating an annual summer externship for our most advanced graduates to further improve their skills, and to help them take the next step. 

We will seek opportunities from our community partners for the women to complete a commercial project under the supervision of the instructor. This will give them not only the professional experience of working with an actual commercial client, but it will also help them build the confidence they need to take the next step in establishing their own businesses, which has been the intention of the program all along. 

We recently received a small grant to help launch this program, but we still need your help.

$1,000 would sponsor one of our sisters for this special summer project. 

Brothers and Sisters, our Ramadan fasting is to remind us of the need and hunger in the world.  Our fasting has ended, but for many, their struggle remains. Please consider these neighbors in a moment of great need.  May Allah reward you for your charity and bless you in your moment of need.

Your generosity makes a difference.

This month, there are 14 families with urgent needs totaling $8,125.

You can read the details of these cases below. If your heart is moved by one of these good brothers or sisters in need, please click to support them and their families. Any amount helps.

May Allah bless you for your generosity.

  1. This good brother works hard to support his wife and children, and send money home to his family.  He was recently injured and required emergency surgery, which caused him to stop working for a time, and fall behind on his expenses.  He is requesting rental assistance to avoid eviction while he recovers. 

Amount requested: $400

2. This sister is struggling to pay this month’s rent after her husband’s work hours were cut, and his income decreased.  She is asking for a small amount of assistance until he can find additional work.

Amount requested: $300

3. This ambitious, newly-arrived brother is a visiting student, and just getting settled in the US.  He is asking for assistance to help pay his rent until his student grant is funded.

Amount requested: $300 

4. This sister’s life fell apart when her husband abandoned her, and she lost her home and children.  She has is working very hard to piece everything back together. She is asking for a small amount of assistance to help cover the security deposit on her apartment until her new job starts.

Amount requested: $500

5. This good brother is working but was surprised with a large, unexpected tax bill that set him back.  He is requesting assistance with his rent while he catches up after paying his taxes.

Amount requested: $400

6. This hard-working brother had to flee political turmoil in his country.  He has only been able to work for cash in low paying jobs and provide for his family from savings while he awaits asylum. His wife is expecting their fourth baby soon, and he has had to cut his hours to help at home during her difficult pregnancy.  He is asking for rental assistance until he can get back to full-time work.

Amount requested: $500 

7. This sister and her husband have lived only on savings and part-time wages for over a year while finishing school.  They will both soon graduate and are asking for one-time assistance to help with their rent until they are settled in their new positions.

Amount requested: $500

8. This brother was an active and generous community member who helped many until suffering a permanently debilitating illness in recent years.  Now, after extending his hand to help so many, he is in need. He is requesting assistance with his rent and utilities.

Amount requested: $1,400

9. This poor brother has made ends meet by living in his car for over a year to save money.  He recently found a good job, which will allow him to improve his situation, but his car now requires a repair in order to pass the safety inspection.  He is asking for assistance to make the needed repair so that he’ll be able to start his new job.

Amount requested: $200

10. This sister is only able to work part-time because she has to care for a disabled child.  She is the sole provider for her family and is asking for rental assistance until her child’s benefits begin.

Amount requested: $700 

11. This good sister lost her job recently and fell even further behind on expenses when she had to help with funeral expenses for her grandfather.  She is seeking assistance with her rent to avoid eviction until she is able to find stable work again.

Amount requested: $200

12. This hard-working sister has always provided for her family but recently required surgery.  The recovery from the surgery was a long and painful one that kept her from working. She lived on her savings and credit cards during this time, but those funds have run out.  Alhamdullilah, she is getting stronger every day and is now cleared to return to work, but she is requesting rental assistance to avoid eviction until she can start earning a salary again.

Amount requested: $525

13. This good sister was left as the sole provider for her newborn after her husband died unexpectedly.  She is working but is in need of rental assistance while she gets her life resettled after this very difficult loss.

Amount requested: $1,500

14. This poor sister is left with only a small food stamp benefit to support her three young children after her husband left the country.  She is working and will be eligible for additional benefits, but is she is asking for some assistance until they are approved.

Amount requested: $700