UA Jan 2020

$3,414 of $6,284 raised
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Donation Total: $50.00 for four

Make things easy for people and not difficult.  Give people good news and bring them joy, and don’t turn them away.

-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

This month, there are 6 families in our community with urgent needs totaling $6,284.27.

  1. This family of five has exhausted their savings on critical cancer treatment.  They now face eviction, and are requesting assistance to keep the young children out of the shelter.

Amount Requested: $1,000

2. This good brother supports his young family with a small food stamp benefit and work as a driver, but a recent accident damaged his car and interrupted his income.  Alhamdullilah, he is not injured, but he is in need of a small amount of rental assistance until he can drive again.

Amount requested: $300

3. This sister and her infant are struggling after escaping a domestic violence injury. She is requesting assistance with their rent until she can get resettled safely.

Amount requested: $1,000

4. This single mother was able to move out of the shelter and was working to support her two young children when she became ill and had to be hospitalized for several weeks.  Alhamdullilah, she is recovered now, and has found a new job, but she is in need of assistance until her new income begins.

Amount requested: $800

5. This sister works two part-time jobs as a caregiver to support her disabled daughter.  When one of her patients became ill, her income was interrupted. She is requesting rental assistance until her normal schedule resumes.

Amount requested: $1,684.27

6. This good, hard-working brother lost his job, and is providing for his large family with only savings, which has been depleted.  He is requesting assistance until he can find another job.

Amount requested: $1,500