Emergency Rental Assistance | Dar Al-Hijrah 3


UA September 2022

$6,905 of $13,700 raised
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‎“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Brother M. shares a house and household expenses with his brother. He fell behind on his portion of the mortgage after a job layoff, and subsequent closing of a restaurant where he was working. He has secured another job, and will start next month, but he is requesting some assistance catching up on his mortgage until he is back to earning his normal wages.


Br. M is elderly and disabled, but maintains a reasonably priced apartment near friends who can assist him in various ways. He receives a disability benefit each month, but fell behind on his rent. We are coordinating with another agency on stabilizing his situation for a the long-term.


Sister E. is a single mother of 4 small children.  She lost her job after an illness, and has been moving around, with her kids, staying with friends and family members since. She recently secured a housing voucher and found a landlord who will accept it, but she needs help paying the deposit to secure the place.


Brother A. is a student who fell behind on his rent when his job at the university stopped for the summer.  He is working with Fairfax County in a bridge program and has restarted his university work, but he needs assistance catching up on his past due balance.


Brother H. is working, but fell behind on his rent after being hospitalized for open heart surgery.  He has recovered now, but needs help catching up on his past due rent and living expenses.


Sister F. is a single mom with two young children who has been living in the shelter.  We have been coordinating with her case manager to get her situation stabilized.  She has now secured a housing voucher, and found a place that will accept it, but she needs help with the security deposit and first month’s rent.




Please keep these families and all who struggle in your dua.


May Allah (SWT) give ease to these brothers and sisters who are suffering great hardship and stress, and may He move us to care for them in their moment of need.