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  • Target $8,200.00
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These are very challenging times for our families. The historically long federal government shutdown has had a profound effect on vulnerable families that will be felt long after it ends.

Many of our neighbors work for companies that are contracted for cleaning and security services, and typically do not receive back pay after a shut-down. Others work for small businesses that rely on the federal workforce as customers and are now experiencing unrecoverable losses resulting in employee layoffs and job loss.

Because of the shut-down, recipients of SNAP benefits have been notified that they will not receive benefits in February, and they should “plan accordingly” to stretch what food they have.

Even if the shutdown ended today, the recovery of the families in our community affected by it will take many months.

This has greatly increased what was already a significant need and put an additional strain on the limited resources of direct service providers like Dar Al-Hijrah.

Will you help us extend a hand to our neighbors in their moment of great need?

This month we have 16 emergency requests for rental assistance totaling $8,200.

You can read the details of these cases below. If your heart is moved by one of these good brothers or sisters in need, please click to support them and their families. Any amount helps.

May Allah bless you for your generosity.

  1. This good brother was working to provide for his wife and minor kids, when like so many, his hours were cut. He was able to qualify for SNAP benefits to help put food on the table until his hours could be restored, but then, because of the impact of the shut-down, those, those benefits were cut as well. He has found a new job which will allow him to increase his earnings by working on commission, but it will take time to ramp up his commission-based sales. He is requesting rental assistance to help him bridge this challenging time.
  2. Amount Requested: $500

    1. This sister was working two jobs to support her mother and sister when she was in a terrible car accident resulting in a concussion and other injuries. She had to pay for medical treatment from her savings and has been unable to work during her recovery.  Now her savings are running out, and she is requesting assistance with her rent until she can start back to work.

    Amount Requested: $300

    1. This first-time applicant is the sole provider for his family. He has minor children as well as a disabled adult, and his wife is unable to work because she has to be home to care for their disabled son.  This hard-working brother has struggled in low-paying jobs and from time to time had to borrow money to make ends meet.  Recently though, Alhamdullilah, he was offered a better job. And additionally, his son was able to qualify for insurance under the Medicaid expansion in Virginia.  Once he is established in his new position, he will earn enough to cover his expenses, but he is asking for one-time assistance until that happens.

    Amount Requested: $700

    1. After suffering for nearly three years, this refugee brother was able to find work and a home for his wife and little ones. But now, the work has slowed because of the shut-down, and like so many, his hours have been drastically cut.  He is asking for rental assistance to avoid eviction until the shutdown is resolved and his hours are restored.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This brother arrived in the US with his family only recently. He was a full-time student and was supporting his wife and young children by driving when one of his children became extremely ill, and required care that his father could only access affordable by returning to the home country.  The unforeseen travel and medical expenses left the family short and unable to pay his rent, and they now face eviction.  We were able to help him secure emergency assistance from another community partner as well, and now he is in need of just the small remaining amount in order to keep his family in their home.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This brother’s wife and newborn arrived in the U.S. only recently. Even while caring for their new baby, his wife is also taking classes to be able to work and contribute to the family income.  But until then, this brother is the sole provider for his family. He recently became ill and required hospitalization, causing him to miss several weeks of work and wages.  He is recovered now, and working again, but is requesting assistance in paying his rent for this month when his income was interrupted.

    Amount Requested: $800

    1. This refugee sister is seeking asylum, and is totally alone, with no family to support her. She has been babysitting for a family who has taken her in until she is established, and she is now requesting a small amount of assistance to be able to move into a modest apartment of her own.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This brother is a first-time applicant who is married with four little ones. He is the sole provider of the family and was working until he had a medical emergency that required surgery and time off to recover. Through our referral network, we have been able to assist him with securing a county housing grant and additional support from another service provider in the area.  He is requesting assistance with just the small amount of rent remaining.

    Amount Requested: $400

    1. This single mother is the only provider for her two little ones. Like so many, during the shut-down, she lost her job, and is now facing eviction.  She is a first-time applicant requesting rental assistance until her situation stabilizes.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This single mother is also a first-time applicant who was working full time but was let go during the recent shut-down. She has received some money from friends wanting to help cover her rent while she looks for work, but she will face eviction if she’s unable to come up with the remaining amount due. She is requesting a small amount to help keep her and her daughters in their home.

    Amount Requested: $700

    1. This good sister and her young daughter are facing homelessness after an extended illness and hospital stay caused her to miss work, and left her unable to pay her rent. She asking for one-time rental assistance to help keep her from having to take her daughter to the shelter.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This brother works as a driver to support his wife and their 6 young children. He was recently in an accident that injured his neck and required surgery and time off for recovery. He is a first-time applicant requesting assistance with this month’s rent.

    Amount Requested: $500 

    1. Among other hardships, this elderly sister lost her husband to violence and was forced to flee her home country. She is now living in the U.S. and receiving only a small SSI benefit. She no longer has anyone to care for her here, and her severe disability makes it difficult for her to manage alone.  She is asking for help in finding a safe and permanent assisted living space where she has the support she needs.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This mother of six and her husband both work, but struggle to cover the monthly expenses of their large family. Recently, their rent was raised just as their work hours were cut because of the shut-down, making them short this month. She is requesting assistance covering the increased rent until their work hours are restored to normal.

    Amount Requested: $400

    1. This struggling sister is unable to work because of a disability, making her husband the sole provider for the family. His hours were recently reduced due to the effect of the shut-down, leaving them short this month. She is requesting a small amount of rental assistance until his hours increase again.

    Amount Requested: $500

    1. This good brother is skilled and was working, but like many, lost his job without warning. He has submitted several applications, and has even worked side jobs and volunteered in hopes of making a connection that would lead to something more. He is eager to work, but the job market is very difficult right now because of the uncertainty of the shut-down. In addition, his roommate, who was sharing the rent expense moved out and left the state with no notice, leaving this brother struggling to pay rent.  With no other options, he is requesting rental assistance in order to avoid eviction.   But he is also requesting work.  He is a licensed and experienced HVAC technician.  If you are hiring or know of a position and are able to help this young man or the many others like him get back to work, please contact the social services office so we can help get these good brothers and sisters working and back on their feet.

    Amount Requested: $400