Emergency Rental Assistance | Dar Al-Hijrah 3


UA May 2023

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‎“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Brother H is a single 19-year-old newcomer who arrived in the U.S alone.  He was working several driving jobs to support himself, while also finishing high school, until he was involved in an accident where the other driver was found to be at fault.  Still, all of the companies suspended his accounts due to the accident.  He lived on his savings while finding another job, which he has now secured.  He is asking for assistance with just one month’s rent while he catches up.


Brother M and his elderly wife recently relocated to the area from Florida, and they are struggling to manage the extra expense of moving.  He is requesting a small amount of rental assistance to help them get settled. He is working as cashier and receiving a Social Security benefit, and will be able to pay his expenses going forward.


Sister I is married and the mother of a young son.  She is the primary bread-winner in the family.  Her hours were cut, causing her to come up short on her rent the last few months.  She has now secured another job and will be able to cover the amount going forward, but she is asking for a small amount to get her overdue balance to zero.


Sister S was working steadily in retail at Tyson’s, but when business slowed the store closed and she was laid off.  She has been working diligently to find another job, and we are assisting her in that effort.  She is asking for small amount of rental assistance until her situation has stabilized.


Brother A recently divorced and has depleted his savings caring for his two young children and elderly mother.   He is driving full time, but is asking for help with his rent, while he catches up with his expenses.


Brother O is employed as a driver with Alto but his hours were recently cut, and he has fallen behind on his rent.  He is asking for help with his rent, while he looks for another job to supplement his income.


Sister M is limited physically by a disability.  She lives with her husband and 18-year-old son.  She works part-time at Marshall’s and her husband has a full-time and part-time  job as a truck driver.  The case was referred to us by FACETS and Legal Services of Northern VA when the family fell behind on their rent, and were facing eviction.  In the time since, Sister M has secured a full-time housekeeping position at Inova hospital, and increased her part-time hours at Marshall’s her case worker is also helping her to apply for disability and her son is seeking employment to help with family expenses.  She is asking for help with one month’s rent to get fully caught up with the past due balance.


Please keep these families and all who struggle in your dua.

May Allah (SWT) give ease to these brothers and sisters who are suffering great hardship and stress, and may He move us to care for them in their moment of need.