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UA February 2021

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Dar Al-Hijrah provides emergency rental assistance as a last resort to those facing eviction. Assistance is given to the most urgent cases up to one time every 24 months. Before completing a Dar Al-Hijrah assistance application, please apply with the county as a first step. This will expedite your case, and help us help you.

If you are in need of assistance with rent, utilities, food, diapers or medical care, and you live in Fairfax County, please call Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) at 703-222-0880, and they can help.

If you live in Arlington, call the Arlington County Community Assistance Bureau at 703-228-1300. 

And if you live in the City of Alexandria, call the Department of Community and Human Services at 703-746-5700.

Once you have contacted your local government at the numbers above, you may apply for DAH assistance here:

We receive many urgent requests each month. If you are able to help respond to these families in need, please give below.


“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

– Prophet Muhammad


Brothers and Sisters, these are the ones who fall through the cracks, who have extraordinary circumstances, who don’t qualify for other assistance or who have already received what is available to them.   These are the ones who simply have nowhere else to go.  Please consider funding one of the immediate needs below or setting up a recurring monthly donation to support families who turn to us, when all other options have been exhausted.


Brother H. and his wife both got COVID at the end of the year, and had to quarantine for two weeks, causing them to miss work.  His wife has now tested positive a second time, and both are in quarantine again.  They have received rental assistance from the county, but they have fallen behind on their current rent and expenses, and are requesting assistance as a bridge until they are back to work.  They are first-time applicants. 



Brother M. is a husband and father of three young children.  He suffered a stroke late last year, and has been unable to work since.  Our office is working to secure a home health aide for him, and a job for his wife.  He is a first-time applicant, requesting assistance with his rent.



Brother B. lost his job over a glitch in his background check which he is disputing. In the meantime, he has secured another job which starts March 7.  He is need of a small amount of assistance with his rent until his new job starts.  He is a first-time applicant, and not eligible for county assistance.



Brother A. suffered great hardship in his home country, and as a result struggles with physical and mental disability to this day, which prevents him from working.  He has only one son, who is fighting cancer and also unable to work.  Brother A. survives only on a small SSI benefit.  He has secured a more affordable room to rent, but is asking for assistance with expenses until he is settled. May Allah ease this brother’s pain and help him to know the support of his community when he has no one else to turn to.



Brother F. has worked and supported his family for nearly 40 years, but when his wife became gravely ill, he had to stop work to care for her. Now, affected by COVID, she has been admitted to nursing home for care.  He is a first-time applicant requesting assistance until he can return to work.



Brother M. is a husband and father of three little ones.  He is a skilled professional, but has been working as an Uber driver in the U.S. As has become more common recently, his Uber account was deactivated in error, and because of a backlog, they have been slow to make the correction.  

He is a first-time applicant requesting assistance with his rent.



Brother A. is elderly, and has many chronic health issues that have caused him to have to stop working.  He survives on odd jobs and a small SNAP benefit, but in recent months it has been difficult to find work.  He is asking for a small amount of assistance with his rent.



May Allah (SWT) give ease to these brothers and sisters who are suffering great hardship and stress, and may He move us to care for them in their moment of need.