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Dar Al-Hijrah provides emergency rental assistance as a last resort to those facing eviction. Assistance is given to the most urgent cases up to one time every 24 months. Before completing a Dar Al-Hijrah assistance application, please apply with the county as a first step. This will expedite your case, and help us help you.

If you are in need of assistance with rent, utilities, food, diapers or medical care, and you live in Fairfax County, please call Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) at 703-222-0880, and they can help.

If you live in Arlington, call the Arlington County Community Assistance Bureau at 703-228-1300. 

And if you live in the City of Alexandria, call the Department of Community and Human Services at 703-746-5700.

Once you have contacted your local government at the numbers above, you may apply for DAH assistance here:

We receive many urgent requests each month. If you are able to help respond to these families in need, please give below.

The Prophet said

“Are you supported or given aid by Allah except by the way that you have treated your most vulnerable?”

Brothers and Sisters, we are all grieving the horrible events and disasters around the world – in Lebanon, and Sudan, and Pakistan and Yemen, and even in the US, in the gulf, and on our own west coast – but let us not forget the brothers and sisters right here, in our community, who we pray with, share food with, and make our lives with, each and every day.  Even after securing county assistance, there are some with extraordinary circumstances that still need our help.  

This month, we have 8 urgent cases of genuine need totaling to $10,000 and we are asking for your support.

This brother is a hard-working husband and father of four children, and he and his wife are dedicated and valued volunteers in the community. He has been making ends meet by driving for Uber, but recently fell behind when his TANF benefit was stopped.  We are working with him to restart his TANF benefit, but he is in need of rental assistance this month, until these adjustments can be made.  He is a first-time applicant, and does not qualify for CARES Act money.

Amount requested: $1,500

This loving mother and father of four boys were devastated emotionally and financially when the oldest had a terrible accident, resulting in unforeseen expenses. At the same time, the father lost the restaurant job he had held for over 20 years due to COVID.  He does not have a valid work authorization, so he has struggled to find work, and has not received any CARES Act money.

They have managed to get by with the support of friends and neighbors, but they are requesting rental assistance this month to help them cover their bills until the restaurant fully reopens again.

Amount requested: $1,500

In 2017, this refugee family sought assistance from DAH after they had spent their life savings and were struggling to resettle their young family.  Because of that assistance, the father was able to complete his education, while working two part-time jobs, and ultimately get a full-time teaching position.  He and his wife have remained valued volunteers in the community ever since.  But because of COVID, his work was interrupted, and he is struggling to cover his rent.  He is back to work, and has received county assistance, but is need of a small amount to cover the remainder that is past due. 

Amount requested: $1,000

This single mother of two children is not eligible for government assistance, and survives only on small TANF and SNAP benefits paid to the children.  She recently required expensive, life sustaining medications that caused her to fall behind on her rent.  We have since helped her to enroll in a free clinic that can provide the needed meds going forward, but she is need of assistance to catch up on her rent.

Amount requested: $1,000

This single mother is the sole provider for her son, and has always been able to pay her bills by working as a house cleaner.  But one by one, the families she worked for started asking her not to come until it was safer.  She herself became ill with COVID, and is still in recovery and receiving breathing therapy.  She has received county assistance, but is in need of additional help until she can begin work again.

Amount requested: $1,500

Because of many complicated health issues in the family, this young sister is the only one working and providing for her large family, which includes her sick parents.  Although she was consistently paying what little she made toward her rent, she fell behind, and the family is now facing eviction.  We are collaborating with other partners to support this family with longer term solutions, but they are in need of immediate rental assistance.

Amount requested: $1,500

This brother saw his income as a driver evaporate during the pandemic when everything was shut down, and there was no business.  He has received the maximum county assistance, and has begun to cobble together some income with gig jobs, but is in need of help with this month’s rent.

Amount requested: $1,000

This mother of two young boys lost her job during the pandemic, and her husband makes just $9 an hour in his part-time job.  The family has received county assistance, but is still struggling to pay their rent. 

Amount requested: $1,000

Everyone has been affected by COVID, but not all have been affected the same way. Please consider supporting these exceptional cases who might otherwise fall through the cracks. May Allah move us all to protect those who struggle.