Board Members

Dr. Akram Elzend | Chairman

Akram Elzend is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is an entrepreneur who has served on many both executive and board levels during the past 15 years. He graduated from a physical therapy program in 1994. He has Co-Founded several businesses of which most importantly is a home health agency, that is serving the residents of DC metropolitan area by offering quality care at home.

Dr. Essam Tellawi | Vice Chairman

Essam Tellawi, graduated from Damascus Medical College, He currently has a private practice in Clinton, MD and Mt. Vernon, VA. He received diploma for admission in masters from AIU, College of Sharia, and is finishing Masters degree from Mishkat University. He was the President of the Clinton Muslim Community in Clinton, Imam of ICNA Clinton, member of the DAH Board of advisers, Instructor at AIU and Qubaa institute. Has been a community member for over 30 years.

Abdirahim Hussein Abdi | Treasurer

Abdirahim Hussein Abdi has been an active community member at Dar Al-Hijrah since 1992. He is self-employed and a father of eight who have all grown up in Dar Al-Hijrah.

Noor Mohamed | Secretary

Noor Mohamed is a lifetime member at Dar Al-Hijrah. Before her decision to self-nominate for the board at Dar Al-Hijrah, she was a staff in the Youth Department and moved on to help build the Communication Department. She assumed the role of the Communication Administrator where she gained immense experience in operations management, administrative work, and task management. Outside of DAH, Noor is a registered nurse.

Tuqa Nusairat | Member

A native of the Northern Virginia area, Tuqa Nusairat grew up calling the Dar Al-Hijrah community her second home. Her parents’ dedication to the Dar Al-Hijrah community through countless hours of volunteer work instilled in her a desire to give back to the community that gave her so much. Since 2002, Tuqa has been involved in community work primarily through the Muslim American Society DC chapter and MAS National, where she led youth projects, personal development programs, civic engagement efforts and children’s activities. Currently, she is a senior manager of Middle East programs at a global policy think-tank. She studied international affairs and holds an MS from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a BA from George Mason University. She lives in Springfield, VA with her husband and two young boys.

Daoud Abul Hawa | Member

Daoud is a communications professional with more than 24+ years of experience in public speaking, advertising, marketing, project management, video production, graphic design, public relations, operations and organizational structures and web design. Currently Daoud is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Islamic Relief USA, where he is part of the executive committee. Islamic Relief is one of the largest Faith based Muslim humanitarian non profits in the world. Prior to Islamic Relief, Daoud has also worked as an Art Director in New York and Washington D.C, he has worked at top companies such AOL, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ciber Inc, Careerbuilder and 20/20 design. He has been recognized for decisive leadership and proven ability to face challenges head-on and execute sound decisions while directing product launches. Prior to joining IRUSA he created a marketing and design firm, Daze Studios, where he served over 150 clients from small to large firms in over 20 different sectors such as Fairfax County, NASA, GMU and Accenture. Daoud served as a board member at Al Faith Academy and also served two terms on the ADAMS executive committee and board. During his time at Adams the board completed phase two Masjid expansion, and during his term at Alfatih he helped the school move into a 60,000 sq ft building from a smaller 5,000 sq office space. Within the community Mr. Hawa volunteers his time giving khutbahs around the country, coaching little league sports and serving those in need.

Fatima Abdallah | Member

Fatima Abdallah spent her formative childhood and teen years in DAH since the early days of DAH’s foundation and went on to coordinate and lead youth activities at Dar Al Hijrah including the Dar Al Hijrah Summer Day Camp and MAS Youth at DAH for several years. She was an active member of the George Washington University MSA where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in History. Fatima spent time focusing on Arabic and Islamic Studies in Cairo, Egypt from 2002-2003. She continued her community work through the Muslim American Society DC chapter where she played an active role leading a youth halaqa and the Tarbiya program from 2013-2016. Currently, Fatima works in the field of maternal and community health through her work as a childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula. She believes in empowering families and communities as they navigate the important journey of birth into new parenthood. She is a wife, sister, daughter and mother to 4 children and resides in Falls Church, VA.

Tammam Dandashi | Member

Tammam has been part of the Dar Al-Hijrah community since 1996. Along with his wife Khadeejah Akyurt, the have served the Dar in various capacities. Tammam holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management. In his free time, Tammam is passionate about assisting community-based non-profits achieve their mission. Over the years, he has served on the boards of local, national, and interfaith nonprofits in various capacities.

Executive Committee Member

  • Samir Abo-Issa

    Executive Director
  • Farhan Siddiqi

    Imam & Religious Affairs Director
  • Stacey Picard

    Social Services Director
  • Naeem Mohammad Baig

    Outreach Director
  • Muhammed Oda

    Youth Director
  • Amen Elhilo

    Operations Manager
  • Nacima Mechkour

    Weekend School’s Principal