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The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said
“Are you supported or given aid by Allah except by the way that you have treated your most vulnerable?”

Dar Al-Hijrah is located in the heart of one of the largest immigration entry points in the U.S. DAH itself is a community of immigrants and refugees from over 50 countries around the world.  And as such, we are more than a faith home to our members, we are their primary resource center for resettlement.

Therefore, over the last two decades, we have developed a full spectrum of services to respond to the needs our community as they evolve.  These include Family Assistance Programs, Self-Sufficiency Classes, and Community Programs & Events.

We work in partnership with many wonderful service providers in the community, and we are proud to collaborate with them to serve our neighbors in need.

Our mission is to make a positive and profound difference in our community. Over 500 people a week access one of our social services programs.

To help us, help our neighbors in need.

Our Family Assistance Programs include cash assistance for rent and medical emergencies, a weekly food bank distribution, weekly community health days that offer referrals to primary care providers who treat the undocumented and uninsured, and a thrift store that offers low-cost clothing and basic household goods to help families establish their new home.

Our Self-Sufficiency Classes include both intensive and conversational English classes, a sewing program, computer skills for digital literacy, CPR certification in three languages, entrepreneurship coaching, and a job coaching center.

And our Community Programs and Events include several educational sessions that help connect newly arrived community members to the resources available to them, such as an older adult program and a family engagement series for parents of school age children.

Our mission is to make a positive and profound difference in our community by strengthening and empowering families. And all are welcome.

Meet the Staff

  • Asmaa El Bakkari
  • Hamida Kedish
  • Ibtihal Ahmed
  • Lamees Althiabat
  • Latifa Ojja
Social Services Department Programs | Dar Al-Hijrah 4
Stacey Picard
Social Services Director
  • Mohammed Jalali
  • Riadh Troudi
  • Sawsan Bayazid
  • Taiba Haidari

We Would Love to Hear From You

We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. To contact our office, please call or email us at 703-531-2905 or [email protected].