Sudan Crisis Relief - Dar Al-Hijrah 3

Dar Al-Hijrah Partners with Islamic Relief USA in Sending Emergency Sudan Relief

Floods and Locusts Threaten Life Across Africa

Flooding has devastated Sudan and South Sudan. A state of emergency has been declared in Sudan, and more than 1,000,000 people have been affected across both countries, with some 100,000 homes destroyed. Islamic Relief teams there tell us that the need is great, and we are appealing to you–our compassionate donors– to give generously so that we can get urgent aid to those in need.

And beyond floods, swarms of locusts have also hit areas across Africa, threatening harvests and crops that millions of people rely on for food across East Africa specifically. The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that the infestation of locusts combined with the coronavirus pandemic could potentially lead to an almost unprecedented humanitarian crisis. This, of course, is on top of threats of famine and flooding that are already putting thousands of families at risk.

Islamic Relief teams are on the ground, working hard to bring relief to those in need. The only way this can happen is through your support and donations.

Islamic Relief’s Legacy Across Africa

The Islamic Relief global family has been providing emergency relief and integrated programming to families in need across Africa since 1984, starting with a call to provide humanitarian aid to Sudan.

Since then, Islamic Relief has established a presence in 16 African countries, with field staff on the ground to address needs quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

From addressing poor water and sanitation access to providing solutions that tackle food insecurity and malnutrition to alleviating poverty and difficulties faced by orphans to sending urgent aid during emergencies, Islamic Relief donors continue their humanitarian legacy in the service of our sisters and brothers across Africa.

Courtesy of: Islamic Relief USA