Youth Department 2016 Annual Report

Youth Department 2016 Fund

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Youth Department 2016 Report

Youth Department:

This year youth department has accomplished tremendous amount of projects. Alhamdulillah with the blessings of Allah SWT, we were able to accommodate the Dar Al-Hijrah youth with variety programs that consisted of social, spiritual and physical activities.

Our weekly programs:

    1. 1. Wednesday: Open Office, Counseling, and every other Wednesday is Book Club
    2. 2. Thursday: Fast and Learn program
    3. 3. Friday: Jr. Jummah, and Rising Souls.
    4. 4. Saturday: Quran Class, Yoga, Jr. Soccer League
    5. 5. Sundays: Quran Class  


Convert Care: Provide support and outlet for new Muslims and for people interested in Islam. Helping converts establish a good connection to their new faith through mentorship.Teaching to bring balance to your family and your social outlets.

Fast & Learn: Fast and Learn is a weekly program that has been happening every Thursday in the youth lounge for the past couple of years. It is a signature program that caters to an average of 60 youth weekly. It is a constant nonstop program that has happened over 50 times in the past year. It features well-known and local speakers that benefit the youth.

Rising Souls: Rising Souls is a program for children ages 11-14. It promotes mentorship and

leadership. This program features lessons from the Seerah and The Quran. It includes outings and fun activities for the youth. The youth continue their bonds with their mentors after the program is completed. This program harvests love and understanding in our youth.

Jr. Jummah: Jr. Jummah is a program for youth ages 6-10. The youth have access to an open space during this time to enjoy the lounge and all the games while they benefit from a short lecture.

I Love Quran Program: We aspire to instill the love of Islam and Allah through the Quran. Our goal is for each student, ages 11-17, to complete our program with a good foundation of the Quran and a conviction of his or her Muslim identity in America.

Programs and attendees:

  •         Fast & Learn, over 1000 participants throughout the year.
  •         MLK Day of Service, over 60 participants
  •         Brother’s Halaqa, over 30 participants
  •         Qiyam, over 120 participants
  •         Jr. Soccer League (40)
  •         DAH Youth Outing, over 30 participants
  •         MAS & DAH Snow tubing, over 40 participants
  •         Branding Workshop, over 120 participants
  •         DAH Youth and VOICE, Recognizing religious Holidays in schools campaign, ove40 participants
  •         Counseling, total of 180 participants throughout the year
  •         Marriage Circle, total of 90 participants throughout the year
  •         Yoga, total of 140 throughout the year
  •         Culmore Clean up, Earth Day, over 60 participants
  •         2 Masjid Beautification Days, over 70 participants
  •         2 Jr. Movie Nights, total of 40 participants
  •         DAH Youth Mural Painting, total of 20 participants
  •         Ramadan Qiyam, over 125 participants
  •         Jr. Qiyam, total of 30 participants
  •         Youth Cookout, over 35 participants
  •         Combined Effort, over 100 participants
  •         Car Wash & BBQ, over 30 participants
  •         Pious Project, over 40 participants
  •         Sisters’ Halaqa, over 20 participants
  •         3rd Annual Youth Conference, over 278 participants
  •         Imam Suhaib Webb, over 130 participants