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Meet the 2018 Speakers and Emcee!

Remaz Abdelgader

Ustadh Abdelrahman Murphy

Naeem Baig

Feraz Ozel

Imam Asif Hirani

Sr. Ieasha Prime

“Every person has a legacy. You may not know what your impact is, and it may not be something that you can write on your tombstone, but every person has an impact on this world.” What is it that you are doing for this world? How are you contributing to making the lives of others and your own better? What are you leaving behind? What is your legacy?

As we approach the 2018 midterm elections on November 6th, we want to ensure that every person leaves this conference motivated to make a change and leave their mark on the world. The first and easiest step in doing so is by voting in one of the most important elections. The results of this election have the capability of widening the opportunities of young Muslims in America, so own them!

Here are some prompts to get you thinking as you prepare for the 2018 Youth Conference:

  1. What is one aspect of your life you’d like to improve over the next year? What would that improvement look like?
  2. “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” —Shannon L. Alder

  3. Leaders should work towards the benefit of the whole society rather than thinking that he is setting a perfect example for everyone to follow. Because this will make him arrogant and surely Allah (SWT) does not like arrogance.

This Year’s Photos!

Thank you for attending our 4th annual youth conference: Our Path. Our Legacy! Thanks to you, we hosted around 300 attendees and were able to start creating our legacy after all the inspiration we encountered on that day. We would love to hear what you thought of our event and how we can make it an even better experience for you all!

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