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Rising Souls is a mentorship program for youths ages 11 to 14 taking place every Friday at 8PM-10PM in the Youth Lounge. Students are placed in groups with two mentors per group. The semester consists of weekly lessons, mentor time, outings, mandatory service projects, and a graduation ceremony. The goal of this program is to create an open Islamic environment for kids to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and intellectually. Through this program, the children will establish ways to become active members of our community through lectures, classes, activities, workshops, and community service.

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Service Projects

Our mission is to help nurture mentors and mentees a lifelong relationship and to develop an understanding of Islam incorporated with general and cultural manners and behaviors to the younger youth and our future generation.

  1. Provide a diverse array of programs that will appeal to the youth of Dar Al-Hijrah and beyond.
  2. Provide programs that develop youth Islamically, either directly or indirectly.
  3. Provide opportunities for youth to be empowered in the planning, implementation, and participation in activities.
  4. Provide opportunities for families to play a greater role in their youth’s growth and development.

Rising Souls - Dar Al-Hijrah 23

  • The first 15 minutes: Attendance and Check-in. Mentors and mentees are responsible for checking in with logistics coordinators.  
  • 8:15 mentees should be in line with their mentors.  Once they are, they will start the chants for team building and focus
  • After the chants, the mentees will be given an activity to do and a 5-minute lecture.
  • Mentor time starts after the lesson has been taught
  • Mentors are given questions to start the convo with their mentees. After they have discussed, mentees may play with their mentors and others.
  • In the last 5 minutes, everybody will form a circle for the closing duaa.

$125 Current Student

$150 New Student

Outings are not included. 

2018 Fall Semester Schedule


Friday, September 7th

Registration for this program is currently closed! Check out other programs here!

Parents meet Mentors

Friday, September 14th


Friday, September 21st

Field Trip

Friday, September 28th

Service Project

Saturday, October 6th

Mentor Time

Friday, October 12th


Friday, October 19th


Friday, October 26th


Friday, November 2nd

Service Project: Culmore Cleanup

Friday, November 10th

Mentor Outing

Friday, November 16th


Friday, November 23rd

Field Trip: Ice Skating @ Ballston Arena

Friday, November 30th

Final Lesson

Saturday, December 7th