About/What We Offer

What We Offer

Dar Al-Hijrah provides the following services and programs: Educational Programs, Social Services, Counseling, Youth Programs, Weekend Islamic School, Da’wah and Outreach Programs.

Educational Programs


  • Daily: Lecture after Salat Al-Isha
  • Daily: Brief talk after Salat Al-Fajr
  • Weekly: Lecture for sisters
  • Weekly: Tajweed class for sisters
  • Quarterly Seminars
  • Monthly Qiyamul Layl

Youth Program


  • Daily operation of game room
  • Weekly sports activities
  • Periodic Islamic and Qur’anic Competitions
  • Yearly 6 week indoor camp

Social Services

  • Family Assistance Programs including weekly food distributions, community health outreach, health insurance navigation and enrollment and legal assistance
  • Empowerment Programs including job fairs, the Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) 
  • Community Programs including personal finance classes, parenting classes and regular blood drives
  • Ramadan Programs including Zakat al-Fitr distribution, food box distribution and Iftar delivery


Outreach/Dawah Program


  • Weekly classes on Sunday for new Muslims and people of other faiths.
  • Visitation of Muslim speakers to houses of worship (churches, temples and synagogues).
  • Visitation to schools and universities.
  • Assisting with prison Dawah programs (Mailing program, Friday Khutbahs, Eid Celebrations)
  • Visiting incarcerated Muslims in metropolitan area jails and prisons.
  • Supporting homeless people in the community, Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Annual distribution of “Back- To-School” supplies for needy families.
  • Eid gifts to hospitalized patients.

Weekend School Program


Dar Al-Hijrah provides a comprehensive weekend educational system for children. This is divided as follows:

  • Saturday School: Qur’an, Islamic Studies and Arabic
  • Sunday School: Qur’an, Islamic Studies and Arabic
  • Ramadan School: Daily evening program during the holy month of Ramadan

Future Aspirations


The Muslim Community at Dar Al-Hijrah hopes to achieve the following:

  • Expanding the facility to accommodate the increasing numbers of Muslims and to resolve the severe shortage of parking spaces. Currently overflow parking spaces must be rented from two neighboring churches at a significant cost. The Center is diligently working to buy adjacent properties as they come on the market to make the future expansion possible.
  • Focusing on Islamic education and acquiring a separate building for the school, The Washington Islamic Academy, one that is modern and well equipped and consisting of enough classrooms, labs, fields, and playgrounds to operate an exemplary full-time Islamic school.
  • The new youth center (MAS Youth Center) will provide adequate facilities that will offer the youth a healthy alternative and dynamic activities to develop there minds, bodies and souls.
  • Achieving self-sufficiency for the center by establishing a trust fund and investments capable of funding the center and its needs into the future; create for the center a permanent source of income that can cover its expenses.