Udhiyah 2022

Support Families In Need

This Eid Al-Adha, support families in Virginia by donating your Udhiyah with DAH for $275 per Udhiyah.

Donate Your Udhiyah With DAH

A Time for Sacrifice

Udhiyah is a wonderful time of the year filled with many blessings. This year, by donating your Udhiyah to Dar Al-Hijrah. You will be providing for struggling families right here in the US.

Fulfil your obligation and make a difference.

Your Donations

Last year, your Udhiyah donations helped many in need

800 families received meat

3,200 total beneficiaries

800 meat packages distributed

6,000 pounds of meat

Donation Program

This year, DAH is offering shares of cows as Udhiyah. Each cow has 7 shares and each share (or each Udhiyah) is $275. Every Udhiyah donation makes a difference.

1 Udhiyah



3 Udhiyah



7 Udhiyah (full cow)



Custom Udhiyah


Fulfil Your Obligation

Every eligible Muslim is obliged to provide an Udhiyah donation. The Udhiyah meat packages are a valuable gift for those in need and provide 7 shares. Many families right here in Virginia are struggling right now. By providing them with your Udhiyah donation, you can bring a smile to their faces.