Social Services 2016 Annual Report

Social Services 2016 Fund

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Social Services 2016 Report (Click to Expand)

Existing and continuing programs:

  1. Emergency Financial Assistance (of up to $1,000 per family per year) provided for those who are on the verge of eviction and/or have lost their source of income. There are about 112 approved cases (families or individuals) annually, and up to 308 other cases are referred to external assistance programs.
  1. The Weekly Food Bank currently serves 285 families of various faiths and ethnicities every Thursday morning. Up to 52,000 parcels of halal chicken and fresh produce are distributed annually.
  1. Food Bank Delivery Program for those who qualify (e.g. the elderly). This program currently serves 26 families (approximately 3,543 parcels are delivered annually).
  1. The Road to Self-Sufficiency Sewing Program. The fifth semester is now in session, and the graduation of 12 students is anticipated in January of 2017.
  1. On-site Thrift Shop: accepting and selling gently used clothing for low prices. Profits go directly towards the financial assistance budget
  1. Tutoring for 4th to 12th grade students every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm. Up to 32 students attend these sessions twice each week.
  1. Safe Haven: Feed the Needy at the First Christian Church every fourth Thursday. DAH provides up to 160 hot meals for less fortunate families each month, which are served at the neighboring First Funeral Emergency FundChristian Church. About 1,700 meals are served through this program annually.
  1. Iftar Program, serving Iftar to our community during the holy month of Ramadan. About 30,000 meals are served during the holy month of Ramadan.
  1. Iftar Delivery Program, delivering Iftar meals to those who qualify (i.e.: the elderly, the ill). Approximately 3,000 meals are delivered through this program to 25 families during Ramadan.
  1. Qurbani/Udheya Meat Distribution Program. Over 365 families (1,700 individuals) benefited from this program.
  1. Funeral Emergency Fund: 12 families were assisted with funeral aid through the passing of their loved ones.
  1. Zakat-ul Fitr Distribution, 165 families received aid through this program.
  1. Health Fair: Multiple health related events, including prescreening, flu shot administration, and open enrollment in health care insurances, are held on several occasions at DAH.
  1. Foster Care Training, held twice a year. In this workshop, we cooperate with Fairfax County representatives to help our community become well informed of the process of becoming foster parents.
  1. Annual School Supply Distribution for those who qualify. 63 families benefited from this program, and 165 backpacks and school supplies were distributed.
  1. Eid Toys for Syrian Children Drive. DAH actively participated in this effort by collecting the 250 donated Eid toys.
  1. Blanket and Coat Drive for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees. Dar Al-Hijrah is one of the drop-off locations for this effort every year. Over 3000 blankets and countless jackets and coats were collected for this program.
  1. Interfaith Medical Specialists Network (IMSN). This is an interfaith program centered at Culmore Clinic and works towards building a network of healthcare professionals who treat 1-2 patients pro-bono each year.
  1. Furniture donation: In 2016, DAH connected donor families of furniture to 27 needy families.
  1. English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered at three levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced for 57 enrolled women.
  1. Family Support & Resources Program: This program is held on a weekly basis addressing various topics and is intended to provide you with a better understanding of your community so that you are knowledgeable about the resources that are available to you and you family.
  2. Senior Meal Delivery Project: Every fourth Friday, free meals are delivered to the Lincolnia Senior Center in Alexandria for up to 20 senior citizens.
  3. Individual and family Counseling offered by Imam Shaker:
    1. In 2016, over 400 cases sought the sage of Imam Shaker for individual, family, and financial counseling that we at DAH offer our community. Through a strong emphasis on privacy protection and Islamic-based counseling, Imam Shaker has been able to help our community seek the aid they need. He has assisted many others in developing better ways of communication and conflict-resolution within families.