2018 Winter Report

Launched Events

2018 Winter Report - Dar Al-Hijrah 3
2018 Winter Report - Dar Al-Hijrah 4
2018 Winter Report - Dar Al-Hijrah 5
2018 Winter Report - Dar Al-Hijrah 6
2018 Winter Report - Dar Al-Hijrah 7

Over 500 seniors attended these sessions since they were launched in March, and another 500+ watched recordings of the 18 different presentations that were offered.

Over 250 people were served by our health days, which were launched in May. Special sessions offered free flu shots, breast cancer screenings and dental check-ups. 63% of our health days visitors were uninsured, and we were able to refer them to a primary care provider.

In November, DAH became a fully Licensed Training Provider through the American Red Cross.  We are now working to offer monthly First Aid/CPR and AED certification classes in English, Spanish and Arabic. Seven women received their certification at DAH this year.

Our job coaching workshop is the newest addition to our self-sufficiency track for women.  The first workshop was completed by four women in December, who can now come in for one-on-one coaching and interview prep.  The workshop will be offered every other month.

To further aid our seniors, in December, we began offering rides provided by volunteer drivers to help them make short, free trips to the pharmacist, doctor’s office, grocery store and more.  Seven volunteer drivers are currently enrolled in this program.

Moving Forward…

In the New Year we hope to expand our special health day sessions, sewing classes, food bank distribution, and the DAH Rides program.

And we look forward to the return of our Family Support and Awareness Program and to hosting a Job Resource Fair in the spring.

We are able to assist many who are in immediate need.  Alhamdulillah! But our bigger work is to help our clients move toward employment and self-sufficiency, especially our sisters.  We continue to offer skills classes, job coaching, and opportunities to connect with available resources, because we cannot strengthen our community with hand-outs alone. We must also offer a hand-up.  We welcome those who are able to join us in this effort.  We welcome, ideas, willingness to hire or mentor a client in their career, or sponsorship of a self-sufficiency program.  With the continued support of our partners, 2019 will be a year of empowerment for our families and our community.