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2018 Summer Report

New Events

Friends over 50 (1)
Community Health
Driver volunteer needed

Two major sponsors have been secured to support these programs.

Over 300 people have attended these events.

We have recruited, trained and coordinated over 50 new volunteers including speakers, drivers, and health practitioners.

We are beginning to track the number of emergency assistance applicants over age 50 to help determine the effectiveness of the Friends Over 50 program in connecting them with other available resources before using DAH dollars.

In December of this year, we will host nearly 50 members of the 50+ Ambassadors for their quarterly meeting.  These are updates to community leaders from Fairfax County’s Office on Aging about available resources for older adults.  We were asked to join this group in recognition of our Friends Over 50 program.

55% of Health Day visitors are women, 64% are uninsured.

Health Day attendance has been inconsistent due to Ramadan and summer travel.

To increase awareness in the community, among other things, we have mailed an invitation letter to 20 area churches, other mosques and nonprofit organizations serving refugees in the area.  Flyers in Arabic, Spanish and English were included to post and share.

We hosted an additional EWI course on Building Self-Confidence in July-August.

We have just begun registration for the ESL program, and we are preparing to restart sewing and computer skills classes, as well as tutoring.

In July of this year, Fairfax County reopened its public housing waitlist.

We assisted over 70 people in completing the online application over a 13 day period.

As in previous years, we have partnered with multiple community organizations to provide low-income families with school supplies.

In November of this year, we will host an additional Medicare 101 presentation, and two Medicare Enrollment Days during which we will host representatives from the Fairfax and Arlington Counties to assist community members with online enrollment.