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Sisters Henna Night

Embrace the tradition, beauty, and art of henna

Event Overview

Experience an evening filled with the magic of henna artistry. From traditional designs to modern twists, immerse yourself in the cultural heritage and creativity that henna brings into our lives. Enjoy a warm, welcoming environment where every stroke tells a story.

Table Registration

Book a table to share this unique experience with friends and family. Each table setting is designed to enhance your henna night experience, complete with decorations that complement the henna theme.

$100 cost

+$25 deposit that is refundable.

Event Details

Date & Time: April 9, 2024 @ 5 – 10pm

Location: DAH Lecture Hall

Cost per Table: $100 (with $25 refundable deposit)

Vendor Registration

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Payment Details

$100 + $25 deposit ($25 is refundable deposit)
Credit Card
American Express
Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Expiration Date
For questions/comments, please email: [email protected]