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Annual Report 2017

All praise is due to Allah (SWT) who gave us the strength and ability to carry out His message
through the service of our community. This community has stood strong in the face of adversity for
decades; a community, that despite its differences, has stood together through good and bad; a
community that has not shied away from standing firm by their faith, and lending their hand in service
to each other. This is our community; We Are Dar Al-Hijrah.
Furthermore, this institution and its community is continuously reinvigorated and begets strength
through the dedication of its family of congregants, volunteers, and its part-time and full-time staff.
To serve the diverse needs of the community, we at Dar Al-Hijrah, are lucky to have 58 dedicated
part-time and full time staff who work day and night to take our community to the next level.