Empower Your Community With Zakat This Ramadan

Join DAH And Purify Your Wealth

Apart From Being A Pillar Of Islam, Zakat Is Also A Great Way To Purify Wealth According To Hadiths. As Another Ramadan Arrives. DAH Invites You To Cleanse Your Wealth And Assist The Community.

Impact Of Zakat

With Another Ramadan, DAH Invites You To Cleanse Your Wealth And Assist People Within Our Community.

“Whoever Saves One, It Is As If He Saved Mankind Entirely”. 

Join Us In Fulfilling This Sacred Duty. 

Help Your Brothers And Sisters

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

Where Your Zakat Goes At DAH

Every Dollar Of Your Zakat Is Channeled Into Meaningful Projects And Services Within The DAH Community. 

From Feeding To Bolstering Educational And Healthcare Services, And Upholding Our Mosque’s Sanctity, Your Contributions Make A Great Difference.

Let’s Come Together To Make This Ramadan A Time Of Relief And Joy For Everyone

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