Jumm’ah Mubaraka! It’s the last Friday of Ramadan, and we want to celebrate with the beautiful recitation of Qur’an from our Qur’an Competition winners last night!
Take a moment to make dua’a for these young reciters and their families!
Visit our Instagram page @hijrahva to watch their recitation videos!
Judges Decision
سورة البينة
1- Mariam Sayed
2-Huda Lahrichi
3- Omar Lahrichiسورة العلق
1-Imran Ibrahim
2- Saif Al- Samarraie
3-Hamzah LahrichiBased on popular vote:
سورة العلق
1st: Amin Osman
2nd: Saif Al-Sammarie
3rd: Hamzah Lahrichi

سورة البينة
1st: Muaweth Suleiman
2nd: Shifaa Abdul-Rahman
3rd: Ahmad Hawash