Pathway to Empowerment (P2E)

Our Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) Program offers a bridge out of survival jobs and into professional positions with opportunity for advancement.

Pathway to Empowerment - Dar Al-Hijrah 3
Pathway to Empowerment - Dar Al-Hijrah 4

Purpose of P2E

Transitioning to professional positions in the U.S. can be difficult.

Often, your education and experience abroad doesn’t transfer easily, and you have to start over.

The cost of living is high, and as a result, many get stuck working long hours in low-paying survival jobs.

Empowerment through Personalized Action Plans

Applicants will agree to a one-year action plan written just for them, that includes an upskill training course in high job-demand fields, an intensive workforce mentoring program, personal finance classes, and more.

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P2E Students Earn Cash Stipends for Living Expenses

Earn Cash Stipends and Receive Wrap-Around Services while Upskilling:

Help connecting to training programs in high job-demand fields
Intensive workforce mentoring
Professional networking
Personal finance classes
Wrap-around services
Paid stipends

Enrollment is rolling throughout the year

If you are interested, please complete the short form below and you will be contacted within three business days to schedule an interview/information session.

*Note: P2E is NOT a tuition assistance program.  It is a one-year, intensive, comprehensive upskilling program. If you are seeking cash assistance only, please do not apply.

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Success Stories:

“ I am a husband and father of two with just a high school diploma from my home country.  I started IT training when I arrived in the U.S. but had to stop and give all my time and attention to work so I could support my family. Over time my hours were drastically reduced, and I struggled.  In less than one year in the Pathway to Empowerment program, I completed my IT training, passed my CompTIA Security+ certification exam, and landed a full-time job in the Network Operations Center with one of the largest Healthcare and IT staffing agencies in the DC Metro area.” 


“ I was at the top of my class in medical school overseas and working as a lead physician in a prominent hospital, when we relocated to the U.S. It would have taken years to pass the USMLS exam and practice medicine in America.  In the Pathway to Empowerment program, I received the support I needed to help me adjust to US work culture and made professional connections that helped me connect to a great job with Pfizer, related to my field.  Pfizer just extended my contract another year, and my mentor is helping me apply for a supervisory position there.”


I was a practicing doctor in my home country. When I came to the US, I had been widowed, and I was alone with my five kids, and not licensed to practice medicine. It would have taken years to start over and pass my USMLE to be able to practice. In the Pathway program, I was able to study and become certified in Sonography, and intern at Howard University Hospital in under a year. I am so grateful for this program because I’m doing something I love that’s related to my field and I’m able to support my family.


“I was a single mom of a 6-year-old girl when I enrolled in the P2E program.  My only work experience was in fashion and merchandising in my home country. I had had some IT training in the US, but was unable to secure a job without hands-on experience, and I was struggling to make ends meet. In P2E, I received additional IT training, and other helpful classes.  I made professional contacts and my confidence increased.  In just six months, I secured a full-time job, with benefits in Tech Support for a major hotel chain, and I love it!”.