2017 Outreach Report

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Dar al Hijrah’s Outreach Department has developed a variety of programs providing Muslims, elected officials, the general public, and the media with opportunities to build relationships and create stronger healthier communities.

In 2017, they:

  • Strengthened our relationships and understandings with White House personnel through multiple meetings with top Administration officials at the DOJ, DOE, and FBI.
  • Hosted local Delegates, and collaborated our Muslim partners such as Adams Center and Dar Al Noor for multiple civic events.
  • Attended interfaith vigils and, welcomed Ambassadors and the Department of State showing solidarity against hate and war crimes.
  • Invited law enforcement officials, our partner CAIR and other community watch groups to our house of worship during the Muslim Ban.
  • Increased our participation with VOICE, hosted VOICE Action over 500 attendees from 50 Congregations to hold the representatives from the School Board accountable.
  • Expanded our participation in VOICE with our Youth Department, bringing over 190 people to VOICE’s annual action of 1200 attendees, and creating a core team working on a variety of issues, including bullying and Muslim holidays without penalty.
  • Education and Speaking Events: Race Relations discussions at Washington Ethical Society;
  • Bulling at St.Mary’s and UUCA; Know your Rights with the Moroccan Community; and Challenging Racism.
  • Organized and participated in interfaith programming that strengthened our community’s relationships– Spread Hummus Not Hate, Operation Understanding, bring a Friend Iftars.
  • Community of Kindness, Solidarity Cup of Teas, and the Unity Walk, MLK march on Washington; Women’s March; FCIA Domestic Violence;
  • Participated in Dialogue Facilitation training increasing our capacity in interfaith communications and conflict
  • Created a space for Women Forums where the October Solidarity Cup of Tea was organized for Women Only to recognize Domestic Violence Month