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Imam Naeem Baig

Outreach & Interfaith Director

Br. Saif Rahman

Director of Public and Government Affairs

Sr Ieasha Prime

Women’s Programs Director

Sr. Fazia Deen

Deputy Outreach Director

Sr. Tahani Jabarine

Social Services Director

About Us

The work of outreach and gov’t affairs is to provide leadership, to advance the integration of faith, justice, and life in our Mosque and in the larger community.  One of the ways we seek to actualize this integrating vision and mission is through events such as Solidarity Cup of Teas with our neighbors and Interfaith Partners, Welcoming guests and Interfaith Communities for Dialogue during Ramadan at our Interfaith Iftars, and our annual open house, Taste of Islam; being mentors in Justice for Juniors, working with VOICE leaders on affordable housing and immigration reform; we come together to stand up for social justice with our Interfaith partners on  pressing contemporary religious and cultural issues and we consider all the dimensions of our responses, as individuals, as Muslims, as a Nation, and as a human family.

What is the relationship between Islam, citizenship and religious liberty?  How are current streams within our contemporary American political discourse sometimes inform more about Islamophobia than the founding principles of this country?  Is Islam compatible with the free exercise of religion?  As our outreach team forge ahead on these challenges, we are very privileged to engage other community leaders.

Women have been active members of Dar al Hijrah since its inception.  However, it has become apparent that they need a separate department to address needs specific to their nature.  After several meetings with key members of the community, the following programs are proposed.

Vision: To Introduce new perspectives on key issues related to the women of Dar Al-Hijrah; To provide Islamic education programs specific to Women’s Issues by women teachers; To create powerful community alliances; to draw up innovative and concrete action plans that support women’s constructive contribution. community engagement and leadership; and to promote acceptance, unity through diversity and cohesion amongst the women of DAH.

Mission of Public & Government Affairs Dept.

The mission of the Public & Government Affairs Department is to raise public awareness of Dar Al-Hijrah’s programs and to build external community and partner support by developing and implementing integrated outreach programs that support Dar Al-Hijrah’s mission of bettering our society. (developing our community to lead larger community)

Public Affairs Goals 2018:

  1. Create a narrative for Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center that focuses on our role as a leader for common good.
  2. As a subset to this goal this year’s narrative will revolve around Education
  3. Messaging will focus on education as a core component of our message in all public releases
  4. Create a general crisis communication plan and policy for Dar Al-Hijrah
  5. Foster relationships with media organizations to improve messaging campaign and get pre-warned if there is any negative press.
  6. Develop and train a volunteer media group that can work with any visiting media.

Dar Al-Hijrah Social Services is entirely dedicated to creating a positive and profound difference in our community. Our goal is to support our community members on their journey toward self-resiliency and self-sufficiency. After taking note of our community’s needs, we have developed programs that provide the services that address our community members’ needs. We strive to establish this goal by providing services to include financial assistance, medical assistance, hunger relief and many more.

Our ambition at Dar Al-Hijrah is to create and solidify a diverse, purposeful, and welcoming society. In addition to providing Islamic services through our Masjid, DAH supports hundreds of individuals and has partnered with numerous non-profit organizations in order to support us in our mission, and we would like to especially thank Islamic Relief USA for providing us with consistent support on some of our most key projects.

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