🎉 Mosque Circle Series: Surah Al-Mulk 🎉

Are you looking for an opportunity to strengthen your faith and deepen your connection with the Quran?
Join us for an intensive mosque circle series on Surah Al-Mulk, held every Monday and Thursday from July to August.

These sessions will enable you to:
– Memorize Surah Al-Mulk completely.
– Master its recitation.
– Understand its profound meanings.
– Reflect on its valuable lessons.

Why Surah Al-Mulk?
Surah Al-Mulk is considered one of the most important chapters of the Quran, due to the many Prophetic hadiths that highlight its virtues, including:
“Indeed, there is a chapter in the Quran of thirty verses that will intercede on behalf of its reciter until he is forgiven: (Blessed be He in Whose Hand is the dominion.)” (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi and the authors of the Sunan collections. At-Tirmidhi said about it: “This is a Hasan Hadith.”)
“There is a chapter of the Quran that will argue on behalf of its reciter until it causes him to enter Paradise: (Blessed be He in Whose Hand is the dominion.)” (Narrated by At-Tabarani and Ibn Ad-Diba’ Al-Damasqi in Al-Masnu’)

Program Pricing:
The registration price for this program is $100 per child registered

Program Dates:
This series begin Saturday July 6 2024 and will end Tuesday Aug 6 2024

This program will be 2 sessions a week for each age group
Ages  6 – 8 will be meeting Saturdays 11 AM – 12 PM & Tuesdays 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM
Ages  9 – 11 will be meeting Saturdays 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM & Tuesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM


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