The work of outreach and gov’t affairs is to provide leadership, to advance the integration of faith, justice and life in our Mosque and in the larger community.  One of the ways we seek to actualize this integrating vision and mission is through events such as Solidarity Cup of Teas with our neighbors and Interfaith Partners, Welcoming guests and Interfaith Communities for Dialogue during Ramadan at our Interfaith Iftars, and our annual open house, Taste of Islam; being mentors in Justice for Juniors, working with VOICE leaders on affordable housing and immigration reform; we come together to stand up for social justice with our Interfaith partners on  pressing contemporary religious and cultural issues and we consider all the dimensions of our responses, as individuals, as Muslims, as a Nation, and as a human family.

What is the relationship between Islam, citizenship and religious liberty?  How are current streams with in our contemporary American political discourse sometimes inform more about Islamophobia than the founding principles of this country?  Is Islam compatible with the free exercise of religion?  As our outreach team forge ahead on these challenges, we are very privileged to engage other community leaders. 



Imam Naeem Baig is the Former President of Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA, a grass-roots Muslim American organizations with over 40 chapters across the nation. During his tenure at ICNA, Imam Naeem led several local and regional congregations around the United States and remains as their Director of Interfaith Alliances until today.

Imam Baig also serves as the co-chair of the ‘National Muslim-Christian Initiative’ as well as the Muslim Coordinator for the ‘Catholic-Muslim Mid-Atlantic Dialogue’, which takes place every year between Catholic Bishops and Muslim Leadership in America. Furthermore, he continues to serve as the National Moderator for ‘Religions for Peace USA’ as well as an ongoing active member of the board of ‘Interfaith Workers Justice”.

Saif Rahman serves on Board of Directors of The Family and Youth Institute. He grew up in Northern Virginia and graduated with a Bachelors in International Relations from the University of Maryland, College Park. In addition, he has completed Master’s level work in Arabic and Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) while living in Cairo, Egypt.

Saif is a successful entrepreneur and currently serves as the Vice President of IWG and a Partner in JR Real Estate Group.  He has held senior posts in the Iraqi government, including Advisor to the Vice President of Iraq (2009), Chief of Staff to the Speaker of Parliament (2005), Chief of Staff to the Minister of Industry & Minerals (2004) and the Director General of Research Directorate (2005-2007), for which he has won numerous regional awards. 

Saif Abdul-Rahman is married and has four children and is currently living in Falls Church, VA.

Fazia brings a wealth of experience in health care and law. Born and raised in Guyana South America, Fazia graduated high school in Toronto, Canada, and served as a lawyer for 11 years in Indiana. She recently moved to Falls Church, Virginia in order to better serve Muslims and the greater American community. In addition to her experience in legal public support with outreach and interfaith communities, Fazia has also advocated for immigrants and refugees by successfully assisting them with acclimating to American life through a variety of programs. Fazia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Marketing and received her J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. She is also the mother of three children.

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