Dar Al-Hijrah recognized the need to contribute to our community beyond the walls of our mosque. Guided by our submission to the Creator and desire to engage, develop, and empower our diverse Muslim community for the betterment of our society, our efforts led to the creation of an outreach committee and the hiring our first Outreach Director, Imam Johari Abdul-Malik. Today, the primary focus of the Outreach Department remains centered upon reaching out to local community-based organizations, faith communities, elected officials, and the media to enhance the public’s understanding of Islam and Muslims, and to serve as a voice for congregation of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center and the greater Washington D.C. area.

The Outreach Department has two divisions that works with community partners to address public policy and community challenges that especially effect those most in need. Fazia Deen leads our outreach efforts through strengthening interfaith relationships and developing innovative programming to serve diverse communities throughout Northern Virginia. Together, the Outreach Department’s team draws upon the rich tradition of social justice within Islam to speak with those who are most disenfranchised, and organize to build the power necessary to bring about the changes for the betterment of our community.



Imam Johari Abdul-Malik is the Director of The Outreach and Government Affairs Department at the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center and former Muslim Chaplain at Howard University (HU) and was the first Muslim officially installed as a chaplain in higher education at HU and is the Head of the National Association of Muslim Chaplains in Higher Education. The imam also, serves as the chair of government relations for the Muslim Alliance in North America. He is the director of community outreach for the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center and founding president of the Muslim Society of Washington, Inc.

From an Episcopal choir boy-who visited the deep southern Pentecostal holiness church during his summer vacations as youth-until at confirmation the teachings of the Ten Commandments exposed the inherent contradiction of western Christianity-In high school he searched for spirituality-Taoism, Asian Spirituality.

In his native Brooklyn community his mother kept the family busy with community activism. In College he became a Black activist, musician, transcendental mediation and vegetarian. In Graduate school, Allah showed him the light of Islam. He served as the President of MSA at Howard University and later that University’s and the nations first officially recognized Muslim Chaplain in higher education.

Known nationally for his fundraising efforts for masjids, schools and relief and support organizations. Brother Johari is a founding member of the Muslim Advocacy Commission of Washington, D.C. Imam Johari and along with Rev. Graylan Hagler started the Ramadan Feed-the-Needy Program in Washington, DC feeding over 100 hundred homeless women of all faiths nightly during the holy month of fasting.

Lectures on a variety of subjects that motivate the Muslim community and the community at large to better themselves and their world.

Regular khatib (preacher) for the jumah sermon/prayer and halaqah/study circle presenter on Wednesdays at the Howard University (musallah) prayer room.

African-American born (mother from Northern Louisiana and father from Barbados, West Indies) and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Educated at Howard Universitywith a BS Chemistry and a MS Genetics and Human Genetics. Completed Clinical Post Graduate Training Program in Bioethics at Georgetown University Kennedy Center for Ethics. Completed PhD course work in Bioethics/Genetics (Degree Pending).

Islamic Education

  • Arabic Language Howard University 1988-89
  • Islamic Studies Imam Siraj Wahhaj 1988-89
  • Arabic Language Mahad IIASA.1989-90
  • SISS/NAMC Chaplains Training Course summer 1998
  • Islamic Foundation of America/NAMC-Chaplains Training Course Summer 1999
  • Sheikh Mohamed Majid-private study 1998-Present.
  • Subjects: Tawhid, Seerah and Tafsir
  • Trained and Mentored by Imam Siraj Wahhaj since 1988
  • Performed Hajj 1995
  • Licensed to perform marriages in Washington (April 19, Maryland and Virginia (Arlington Court House 1996)

Outreach Coordinator: Fazia brings a wealth of experience in health care and law. Born and raised in Guyana South America, Fazia graduated high school in Toronto, Canada, and served as a lawyer for 11 years in Indiana. She recently moved to Falls Church, Virginia in order to better serve Muslims and the greater American community. In addition to her experience in legal public support with outreach and interfaith communities, Fazia has also advocated for immigrants and refugees by successfully assisting them with acclimating to American life through a variety of programs. Fazia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Marketing and received her J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. She is also the mother of three children.

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