JULY 8TH – JULY 12TH, 2019


Sr. Ieasha Prime

Sr. Dalia Mogahed

Dr. Nisa Mohammed

Sr. Lauren Schreiber

Sr. Bibi Khan

What is this Training?

The Women’s Leadership Training is a 4-day intensive program for Muslim Women who are activists, community leaders, social justice advocates, interested in civic engagement and all those hungry to make change! We are calling on serious women who want to deepen their understanding of the relationship between Islam and gender justice, Quranic ethics & equity and develop strategies to deepen their toolbox for sacred service.

This training incorporates hands-on learning across disciplines and is designed to develop participants holistically.  

Sessions are taught by dynamic professionals who have years of experience in working collaboratively in their respective fields.

Participants will

  • develop in depth knowledge and critical thinking skills
  • Have hands on experience with community building, anti-racism work, strategy development and event organizing!
  • Gain new approaches to s mindfulness and self care
  • Build a close knit network of  peers

The Program is designed around 5 components:

Knowledge:  How do apply Quran, hadith and Scholarly work to our modern context.  Let’s delve into Quranic ethics regarding Gender Justice, Minority Politics, Human rights and Peace Building Platforms

Personal Development & Self Care: Time to tap into your Divine given gifts and grow strategies to maximize your full potential.  Learn techniques for mindfulness and how to protect yourself from burn out.

Public Speaking: Get trained in delivering a powerful, clear message to major audiences and develop effective communication tools for conflict resolution, and base support building.

Sacred Service: Giving back to communities in need from your unique leadership style.

Mohammadan Activism: How do we engage In local and national politics in order to affect public policy.


Training: July 8-11 | Retreat ( Diyanet Center of America) July 12-14 | (Both) Certified Training: July 8-14


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