July Urgent Appeals

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Please assist Dar Al-Hijrah Social Services with the following eight cases:

1. Elderly sister suffering from diabetes, is on a fixed income, barely managing to make ends meet.  She is asking for a one time rental assistance of $300.00.

Amount needed: $300.00

2. Mother with three minor kids is seeking assistance with July’s rent. Al-hamdulillah, she has housing assistance from the county, but it does not cover utilities.  Until she improves her English and is able to secure employment, she is in need of assistance in the amount of $400.00. May Allah SWT comfort her and sustain her through your generous help and your du’aas.
Amount needed: $400.00

3. Extremely hard-working mother of two has full-time job, but due to serious health issues, she was hospitalized, thus receiving no income. She gets a small subsidy from the County. Client has fallen behind with rent.
Amount needed: $500.00

4. Hard-working married father was working full time at a minimum wage job, he is in need of help to pay his rent. He is the only source of support for his family, as his wife does not speak English, but will take ESL classes soon. Client borrowed money to pay the rent in late June and must pay it back this month, so now will be trying to pay his debt as well as his July rent and will still  be short. Please help him catch up until he gets another job!
Amount needed: $500.00

5. Single mom is struggling to support her two children. She is in need to pay the mechanic for his work on her car. She bought the parts herself at discount, but could not pay for the labor. She still owes the garage $150.00 and will remain car-less until it is paid.
Amount needed: $150.00

6.  Client is an elderly lady who has no family here in the U.S., Furthermore, she is sick with a number of medical conditions, and she has no medical insurance.  Subsequently, client is seeking assistance with paying for rent.
Amount needed: $300.00

7.  Married father of three receives minimal help from the County to supplement his income.
Due to medical issues he lost his job.
Amount needed: $500.00

8. Single mother with four children  is struggling to support her family by working as a babysitter. She recently applied for county assistance, but it is pending and will not be granted in time to pay her rent and is in need of your help to pay July rent.
Amount needed: $450.00

Our initial caseload actually encompassed many more individuals, most of whom we were able to direct to external sources for financial assistance. The cases you see above are only the select few who had already exhausted their funds and county’s assistance as sources of help, and they were left with no choice but to seek our aid. We hope that you will find it in your hearts to give from what you have been blessed with, and bear in mind that Allah will reward you with a greater good, inshaAllah.

May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala bless all of you who will be able to lighten the burden of these families!

Jazakum Allah Khair
Dar Al-Hijrah Social Services Department