Senior Resident Scholar - Dar Al-Hijrah 3



Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center seeks a Resident Scholar to plan, organize and run spiritual, educational and religious programs and related activities for its community. These programs and activities will be based on the foundations of Islamic faith as stated in the Holy Quran and Sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet (SAW). The Resident Scholar will work with the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and other relevant Departments and Committees for planning and execution of these programs and activities. The Resident Scholar will be reporting to the Executive Director.

Interested candidates who apply for the position of Resident Scholar must:

  • Have solid Islamic education and training.
  • Have association with or have graduated from a reputable Islamic institute.
  • Have been in a similar position with accumulating relevant experience for at least 5 years

The ideal candidate for the position of Resident Scholar is preferred:

  • To have been raised in the US or spent at least 10 years in the US.
  • To have first-hand experience in the public education system.
  • To have experience with issues of Muslim communities in the US.
  • To have experience working with both youth and adults.
  • To have experience with providing individual and family counseling.
  • To have good communication skills and to be known to engage with people.


  1. Issue religious decrees in coordination with Dar Al-Hijrah leadership and other national and regional scholars and specialists as appropriate.
  2. Lead and manage daily congregational prayers.
  3. Lead weekly Friday congregational prayers (Jumuah Khutbah).
  4. Plan and organize yearly spiritual, educational and religious programs.
  5. Plan and conduct Ramadan programs (daily reminders, lead Taraweeh prayers, etc.)
  6. Plan and organize weekly spiritual and educational series according to a set plan.
  7. Plan and organize periodical educational seminars.
  8. Attend, speak and engage with the youth at their planned activities as needed
  9. Support Interfaith Outreach & Dawah Programs, Public & Government Affairs Programs, Social Services Programs, and Women’s Programs
  10. Speak at and assist in fundraising programs for the Masjid
  11. Use digital channels to engage the community and reinforce learning.
  12. Hold designated family counseling hours


Compensation and benefits will be commensurate with education, degrees and experience.

How to apply:   

Email your resume to:  [email protected]


Mail your resume to:    

Executive Director
Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center
3159 Row Street, Falls Church, VA 22044