Family Services/Marriage Procedure

Marriage Procedure

Marriage is one of the most wonderful journeys an individual can embark on. It is important for this journey, as with all journeys, to be best prepared to ensure a successful voyage. Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center is here to help equip our new couples for the best possible expedition.

We, in general, will utilize the following procedures:

Marriage Procedure at DAH:

  1. Bring a marriage license from any Virginia court OR a marriage certificate from any other state.
  2. Make an appointment with the imam within sixty days from the date the license was issued (no timeline for marriage certificates).
    1. Please note that all marriages require premarital counseling, as mentioned in the appointment links:
      1. 1 hr – premarital counseling + marriage ceremony
  3. On the marriage appointment date make sure to bring 
    1. Yourself and your prospect (fiancé)
    2. Wali (guardian) for the prospective bride
      1. Must be a Muslim male
    3. Two witnesses
      1. Must be Muslim males
    4. Court papers 
    5. All IDs (both fiancés, 2 witnesses and male wali)
  4. Mahr (marriage dower) has to be declared in monetary value to be entered in the marriage certificate.
  5. Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center charges 
    1. $300 for in-house ceremonies 
    2. Starting at $500 for an outside ceremony as per availability and special request 
    3. Payment is accepted in multiple forms of payment (cash, credit, etc.)

Feel free to contact our front desk with any other questions and/or to host large gatherings (30+ people) for the wedding ceremony at the masjid