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Every year, Dar Al-Hijrah Youth hosts a Mic Night featuring local and national performers in a night all about one commonly shared notion. Join us on December 7th starting 5:00PM for an evening filled with inspiration and feeding your soul through poetry.

Our Annual Mic Night aims to break new boundaries by challenging the community to have serious discussions on the issues facing youth today. This year we have an eclectic group of local trailblazers. Last year, you all voted for the theme of unity and this year we have delivered by having our theme be Unity: Together we stand, together we rise! This is a quote from our Emcee this year, Sr. Ieasha Prime. The one time we are truly united is in prayer and in prayer we make sujud together and we stand together side by side. This year’s Mic Night comes with a twist: a bazaar! We are focusing on small businesses, networking, and helping you find your inner artist.