Br. Saif Rahman | What Would The Prophet PBUH Do? - Dar Al-Hijrah 3
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Have you ever thought about what The Prophet sAws would do if He was in this situation? Well, one time, while The Prophet sAws was on his Hijrah (journey) from Mecca to Medina, at a time of great fear and difficulty, while traversing the desert with people behind him; he was chased by a man. A man named Suraqah bin Malik. When he was chased by Suraqah, Suraqah wasn’t able to catch him. When he eventually caught up, He said, “I won’t do anything.” And The Prophet sAws told him, “What about a day when you will be wearing the Bracelets of Kisra.”

This was The Prophet sAws’ optimism during times of fear and difficulty. So, we’re going to explore ‘what would The Prophet sAws do’ if he was with us today.

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