Education Department 2016 Report

Education Department 2017 Fund

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Education Department 2016 Report

The Qubaa Institute:

The newest addition to the Dar Al Hijrah institutions is the Qubaa Institute. It was established to fill a gap and cover a serious need in our community. The Educational Committee took this initiative this year to offer young members of our community, especially (college students and young professionals), the chance to get a structured and comprehensive Islamic educational program to enable them to:

  1. Understand Islam in its comprehensive and complete balanced way.
  2. Enable them to lead and educate their young families the tenets of their faith and how live it and serve their community and society as engaging and engaged members.
  3. 3. Empower the graduates to teach Islamic educational classes with the basic and correct knowledge base, both on college campus and else where.

Deaf Muslim Services:

Since the year 2007, DAH has adopted the deaf members of our community with the goal of helping them develop their Islamic knowledge, their connection with the Muslim community and ultimately enabling them to practice their faith and promote it with others. Shaikh Shaker dedicates an hour weekly, every Saturday, to give the deaf a special class on Tafseer and understanding of the Qur’an.

Daily Prayers, Qur’an and Explanation:

The Imam is keen on exposing the community to daily doses of Qur’an inside the prayers, that would cover the entire Qur’an from Al-Fatihah to Al-Nas. In this, the Imam recites a section in Fajr and Isha going in the order of Surahs to expose the audience to the beauty of the Word of Allah and offers a brief explanation of some of the Ayat recited to simplify the Qur’an for the community members.

  • Monthly Seminar – Roughly 300+ attendees (brothers and sisters)
  • Monthly Community Dinner – 300+ attendees
  • Monthly Community Breakfast – 200 – 300 attendees
  • Community Picnic (Twice per year) – 300 – 400
  • Weekly Friday Lecture – Tafseer by Sh. Shaker Elsayed
  • Weekly Tajweed Class for Ladies by sister Khadeeja Akhurt and others

Weekly Friday Session for sisters – Speakers are varies