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Communications Department 2017 Fund

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Dar Al-Hijrah believes that direct and consistent communication is vital to the advancement of our community. In pursuit of this aspiration, we have established and progressed multiple platforms to communicate with our community besides phone and email. These platforms vary between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and mass emails. This way, our community can remain informed of upcoming events, visiting guests speakers, condolences, press releases, reports on events, etc.

In order to keep up with our growing community, expanding audience and broadening spectrum of activities; we have established a Communications Department by hiring one full time employee and three part-time employees. Their goal is to provide services to our departments, ranging in graphic design, social media, videography & photography to enhance the digital presence of Dar Al-Hijrah on all electronic platforms. Our work in the last year consisted of:

  • Graphic Design: More than 200 fliers
    • Promoted electronically through:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Website
      • Newsletters
    • Print
      • Banners
      • Postcards
      • Posters
      • Brochures
  • Photography and Videography:
    • Professional photography for main events
    • Promotional videos for each department
  • Expanded email List
    • 6,254 recipients
    • Types:
      • Weekly Newsletter
      • Weekly Urgent Appeal
      • Monthly Events
      • Main Events Report
      • Condolences
      • Press Release
  • Facebook:
    • 1 Million Reach in the last year
    • 80,000 Livefeed views in last year
    • Promotional Advertisements on Facebook to expand the reach
  • DAHYouth
    • Facebook: 199 likes
    • Twitter: 383 Followers
    • Instagram: 341 Followers
  • Instagram
  •  Twitter
  • Youtube Channel with all of the Friday Khutbahs:
    • 341,457 Views on YouTube
    •  1,967 Subscribers