Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 3

Dr. Mohamed Helmy | Chairman

A physician and university professor. He is a father of four and lives with his wife and family in Fairfax,VA. He has been active in the Muslim Community since 1997. He was the President of the MAS chapter in Philadelphia, PA, then head of the managing council of the first Muslim Youth Center in the USA in Brooklyn, NY before he moved to northern VA in 2003. Dr. Mohamed lead the MAS DC chapter from 2004-2010 where he helped in growing the chapter and worked with the youth, tarbiya and outreach committees. Since 2010 he has dedicated his dawa time to serve Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center as the Chairman of its board, and currently is representing it on the Virginia Council of Muslim Organization’s.

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 4

Hossein Goal | Vice Chairman

Mr. Hossein Goal holds numerous degrees including a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering. Mr. Goal is the president of Metropolitan Property Management Inc, and has an active Real Estate License. He is active in community service and volunteers his expertise to numerous non-profit projects.
He has always been engaged in community and charitable work. After the tragic events of 9/11, he dedicated himself to serve as ambassador to the greater community with his knowledge of the two cultures; Middle Eastern and American, in order to build bridges of understanding. In response to the community’s needs, he began working with elected officials and local leaders from mosques, churches, synagogues and other houses of worship to help faith groups address their fears and to build trust in our diverse communities. He has established many successful programs which continue to bear the fruit to this today.

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 5

Allam Al-Alami | Treasurer

Allam Al-Alami is currently serving as the treasurer of Dar Al-Hijrah. He is a certified professional in the field of Project Management (PMI) with a wide range of experience in management, acquisition planning, financial tracking and project execution. Additionally, he has over 30 years of working experience in the construction industry for both the private and public sector.

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 6

Br. Tammam Dandashi | Secretary

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 7

Dr. Ahmed Hassan Mohamed  | Member

Dr. Ahmed Hassan is one of the original founders of Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center and established the first Quran School. He is currently the Vice Chairman in the Board of Directors and serves as the Chair of the Education Committee. Dr. Hassan is a professor in mathematics at Howard University. Previously, he taught at Trinity University and DeVry University in D.C.. Dr. Hassan teaches a Tafseer class that is open to the community every other Sunday. Additionally, he has taught Fiqh and Seerah in the Somali language.

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 8

Dr. Akram Elzend | Member

Akram Elzend is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is an entrepreneur who has served  on many both executive and board levels during the past 15 years. He graduated from a physical therapy program in 1994. He has Co-Founded several businesses of which most importantly is a home health agency, that is serving the residents of DC metropolitan area by offering quality care at home.
The following are positions that he has been appointed or elected to:
2001-2006 Muslim American Society- NY Chapter (MAS-NY) Outreach Committee Member
2007-2008 Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center (DAH) Executive committee Member- MAS SERVICE CORP Coordinator @DAH-
2009-2012 Muslim American Society- DC Chapter (MASDC) VP& ED
2009- Present Society For American Egyptian Development (SAED) Co-Founder and VP
2010-2012 Muslim Without Borders (MWB) now known as UMR -BOD Member
2011- Present Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR) CO-Founder and ED
2012- Present  Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center (DAH) BOD Member
Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 9

Dr. Esam Omeish | Member

Dr Esam Omeish is a member of Dar Alhijrah since its inception. He was a former vice president of Dar Alhijrah. He is a former president of the National Muslim Students Association of the US and Canada (MSA) and a former president of the Muslim American Society (MAS). He is the chief of General and Laparoscopic Surgery at INOVA Alexandria Hospital. Dr Omeish ran for public office as a delegate in a Democratic primary from the 35th district in Virginia for the General Assembly in 2009. He is a graduate of Georgetown University where he completed his undergraduate and medical studies in 1993.

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 10

Essam Tellawi | Member

Essam Tellawi, graduated from Damascus Medical College, He currently has a private practice in Clinton, MD and Mt. Vernon, VA. He received diploma for admission in masters from AIU, College of Sharia, and is finishing Masters degree from Mishkat University. He was the President of the Clinton Muslim Community in Clinton, Imam of ICNA Clinton, member of the DAH Board of advisers, Instructor at AIU and Qubaa institute. Has been a community member for over 30 years.

Board of Directors - Dar Al-Hijrah 11

Kambiz Soltani | Member

Mr.Soltani has been a member of Dar Al-Hijrahs Islamic community center since 1995. He has been working with Dar Al-Hijrah and other local masjids in the metropolitan area to unify the community. He works behind the scenes to organize and manage ramadan iftars and Eid celebrations at Dar Al-Hijrah for over 13 years.

He is a delighted father of 3, David, Joseph, and Adam. He had studied under the late Sheikh Muhammad Al- Hanooti for the past 15 years leading up to his death. He works tirelessly with interfaith groups to help spread the word of islam to people, especially youth because he believes they are the future of the islamic community.