Annual Banquet 2022 - Dar Al-Hijrah 3

Meet the 39th Annual Banquet Speakers and Emcee!

Imam Farhan Siddiqi

Imam Farhan was born in Ohio but mostly raised in Connecticut. He specializes in serving the Muslim community through Da’wah and Islamic work. He studied at Umm al Qura University and earned his bachelor’s degrees in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

Dr. Altaf Hussain

Dr. Altaf Husain is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to the DC area in January 1998 from Ohio and chose to live near and attend the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center. He received his Ph.D. in Social Work from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Sh. Hassan Saleh

Ustadha Ieasha Prime

Ustadha Ieasha Prime is a traditional Islamically trained educator, activist, and public speaker.  She studied Arabic and Quran at the Fajr Institute followed by general Islamic studies in Cairo, Egypt.  After two years in Egypt, she moved to Hadramaut, Yemen, and enrolled in Dar al Zahra, an Islamic University for Women.

Yasmeen Elhadi

Yasmin Elhady is an attorney and comedian. You can find her on TikTok. She’s performed all over DC, including The Kennedy Center, touring nationally and internationally in the UK. Her alter ego is “Yasguru,” a hyper active relationship advisor with silly videos on YouTube & IG.

Every year, Dar Al-Hijrah hosts a fundraiser to keep the community appraised, fundraise, and enjoy a festive night with our community filled with awards, entertainment, remembrance, and delicious food. This year’s theme is inspired by this verse from the Holy Quran:

Annual Banquet 2022 - Dar Al-Hijrah 4

As for those who believe and whose descendants follow them in faith, We will elevate their descendants to their rank, never discounting anything ˹of the reward˺ of their deeds. Every person will reap only what they sowed.

-Surah 52 Verse 21


As a leading community center, Dar Al-Hijrah seeks to instill justice and virtue by educating, developing, and empowering its congregants, providing services of faith and care for our community and engaging society by building bridges and advocating for social justice. We want YOU to embark with us on this journey as we move forward to further distinguish our Muslim identity.